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I had a lot of fun.
Gamefeel is excellent, I really liked the difficulty curve. Level design ingredients are well thought and exploit the core mechanic well. 

Best game of this jam to me, atm. (Even though the link with the theme isnt clear lel).

Gamefeel and graphics are nice, but some checkpoints would have been great.

Good gamefeel, great graphics. But man the respawn is so damn frustrating...

Cool concept.

Incredibly f*cking hard to learn, even with good will.

Fun and polished. Love the twist,  the art style, the alternance between shootem up and escape phases, and the chain combo system.

Game could have been more punishing though, in terms of overall enemy density, or when you don't respect the orders given (point malus comes to mind). Would have loved sharpest controls too, was a bit to "icy" for me.

Great job.

Good atmosphere, visuals and sounds. 

Some texts are barely readable due to the speed at which they pass on the screen.

Great entry overall.