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I'll give the KFF a whirl then, thanks!

Purchased, looking forward to playing it like everyone else. What cartridge system is best to use on a real C64 then if I want to save my game with the minimum of fuss? I've got an UltimateII+, Kung Fu Flash and EasyFlash 3 at my disposal...

Works so well with paddles - thank you :)

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Brilliant little game and a lot fun. The addition of a pause button is such a simple yet welcome addition and I wish more games had it. Would be cool if the game could remember my initials for the high score to save me selecting them each time? An option to save the score would be super awesome too! Well done .

Looks awesome, can't wait!

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Hey thanks for all the help guys. Out of desperation I imaged a new floppy (overwriting the existing one) and it failed with a bad sector. Created another disk on a fresh floppy and it worked and the game boots!

Don't know why it never gave any indication of a disk fault when trying to load before but sorry to have wasted your time when it was my own fault all the same.

Anyway the demo was terrific so gonna buy a copy now :D

Thanks again.

PS. Is there any way to have the game remember your initials so you don't have to enter them at the end of every race?

Thanks for the suggestion - I did as you suggested but basically got the same result. I could see those files in the root of the floppy when I edited the SS so don't know why it's not seeing them...


I'm trying to load the demo on my A1200 but can't get past this screen, even though I've held 2 buttons down and disabled everything except DF0:

I do have a Blizzard 1230 MkIV with SCSI attachment but can't see any way to disabled that in the menu.

Very helpful - I had one 'out of data' error after another whilst trying to get the checksum tool working. Not the most helpful of errors but all part of the experience!

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I'll be saving to floppy disk thankfully :) I've successfully got the checksum tool working now. Ironically the tool doesn't work on itself - I made several mistakes typing the numbers in which kept resulting in an out of data error! 

I've ordered myself one of those magnifying rulers which will help me to both read what I need to type and keep track of where I'm up to (I'll be printing the listings out to work off).

Will be great to eventaully have another program that I can use my 1351 mouse with too!

Am I correct in thinking that I only need to type in the shorter v2.1 listing if I'm not bothered about joystick compatibility?

This is awesome - I used to spend hours and hours typing in listings on my VIC20 and C64 back in the day. This is really brining those memories flooding back. Of course back in the 80's I didn't have to contend with wearing varifocal glasses but I'm sure I will manage. The use of the checksum tool is a stroke of genius which will hopefully ensure I have a working game of solitaire at the end of it all! Just waiting for my C64 to come back from being re-capped and then I'll get stuck in!

Awesome - I'll hold out for the disk version then. I'd love to get all these big box sets but I just don't have the space to store them all!  

Any chance of a physical release for this?

Ok that does make sense now you mention it. Thanks,

Any chance of a budget disk release of this please? I'd like to get it physically but don't want to spend £40 for the collectors edition. Thanks.

Thanks, fantastic presentation on the game. Control seems a bit frustrating though. Is there a away to stop the witch from constantly drifting over to the right hand side leading to certain death? Can't help feel like it would be more fun if you stayed in the middle third of the screen - at least you can see what's coming then and try to avoid it? Otherwise everything else is spot on.

Look fun but can't see any download link for this?

I already bought the physical cartridge version off you last year via your Indigogo campaign but would love to be able to play it on my mini too. Is there a means for people like myself to get this without having to buy it again please?