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Awesome - I'll hold out for the disk version then. I'd love to get all these big box sets but I just don't have the space to store them all!  

Any chance of a physical release for this?

Ok that does make sense now you mention it. Thanks,

Any chance of a budget disk release of this please? I'd like to get it physically but don't want to spend £40 for the collectors edition. Thanks.

Thanks, fantastic presentation on the game. Control seems a bit frustrating though. Is there a away to stop the witch from constantly drifting over to the right hand side leading to certain death? Can't help feel like it would be more fun if you stayed in the middle third of the screen - at least you can see what's coming then and try to avoid it? Otherwise everything else is spot on.

Look fun but can't see any download link for this?

Thanks 👍

Will it be available to buy on Itch or do we have to get it from DSG?

I already bought the physical cartridge version off you last year via your Indigogo campaign but would love to be able to play it on my mini too. Is there a means for people like myself to get this without having to buy it again please?