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I'm trying to load the demo on my A1200 but can't get past this screen, even though I've held 2 buttons down and disabled everything except DF0:

I do have a Blizzard 1230 MkIV with SCSI attachment but can't see any way to disabled that in the menu.

That is odd, it seems like you have some sort of drive switch going on there?  If you are comfortable with changing the startup-sequence on the floppy disk then remove the references to "DF0:"

So the startup sequence will look like:


Change it to:


Alternatively if you can't do this then I can send you an an updated floppy.

Thanks for the suggestion - I did as you suggested but basically got the same result. I could see those files in the root of the floppy when I edited the SS so don't know why it's not seeing them...

That's really quite odd and I'm not sure why that would be happening, do you have a floppy drive switcher or something like that?  Also did you try booting the game from floppy with all peripherals disabled?

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The issue is perhaps the user has SCSI.device loaded?

For the startup, you could always assign the path to the current disk like this:

Assign Sys: "TurboSprint":  (or whatever the disk is called.)
CD sys:
add44k    ... etc

If I can offer a suggestion. Add66k is better then Add44k. Also if you can find the FastMemFirst command from the WB1.3 disks, you could put this in the startup-sequence so that everything is loaded into fast ram where possible, and this often saves a bit more chip ram.

Perhaps also try:
C:Avail Flush

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Hey thanks for all the help guys. Out of desperation I imaged a new floppy (overwriting the existing one) and it failed with a bad sector. Created another disk on a fresh floppy and it worked and the game boots!

Don't know why it never gave any indication of a disk fault when trying to load before but sorry to have wasted your time when it was my own fault all the same.

Anyway the demo was terrific so gonna buy a copy now :D

Thanks again.

PS. Is there any way to have the game remember your initials so you don't have to enter them at the end of every race?