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I'll be saving to floppy disk thankfully :) I've successfully got the checksum tool working now. Ironically the tool doesn't work on itself - I made several mistakes typing the numbers in which kept resulting in an out of data error! 

I've ordered myself one of those magnifying rulers which will help me to both read what I need to type and keep track of where I'm up to (I'll be printing the listings out to work off).

Will be great to eventaully have another program that I can use my 1351 mouse with too!

Am I correct in thinking that I only need to type in the shorter v2.1 listing if I'm not bothered about joystick compatibility?

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Both work, but if you have not started, I would recommend to use the latest V3.0 listing. The v3.0 mouse version is actually a little bit shorter than the v2.1 listing because of some optimizations and it makes sure you have enough BASIC memory left in case you would like to experiment and/or add your own optimizations. And for the mouse version you can omitt the joystick replacement code on page 5. The Joystick part is not additional but replacing parts of the program. I hope that helps.