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BTW: Please note that in Blackjack you can also revert the stake by using F2, F4, F6 and F8. Just in case you didn't find out yourselves.

Here is a short tutorial how to play Yahtzee:

Very happy that you enjoy the listings. How about a game of dice next?

This is meant to be a bumpy nostalgia ride. And yes, it will take some time and patience to type it all in. But the reward in the end is higher than just playing a new version of Solitaire. You will see.

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Both work, but if you have not started, I would recommend to use the latest V3.0 listing. The v3.0 mouse version is actually a little bit shorter than the v2.1 listing because of some optimizations and it makes sure you have enough BASIC memory left in case you would like to experiment and/or add your own optimizations. And for the mouse version you can omitt the joystick replacement code on page 5. The Joystick part is not additional but replacing parts of the program. I hope that helps.

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Thank you. I hope you will have a good trip down the memory lane and will enjoy the working game. I had fun testing, which is a good sign. And let me know when you struggle too much. There is always a way.

Please note that the checksum tool installs itself in the tape buffer area. Therefore only save to disk is supported. If you want to save to tape then use the following pokes to deactivate the checksum tool:


Before running the typed in program it is also strongly recommended to deactivate the checksummer  (or better reset the computer) since the tape buffer may also be  used by the program logic and without deactivation it may crash the computer.

Thank you. 

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Please download the latest Solitaire2021.pdf, now with additional Joystick enablement code

I hope to release the Joystick version tomorrow. Fire button double-click will act as right mouse button (to bring cards directly to the foundation pile).

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Tip: For Solitaire use the following numbers to have a guaranteed winner:

1             = Can be won with both Draw 1 or 3 card(s)
31423 = Walkthrough (fantastic card deck) :)

Got it. Great you don't have to start from scratch leveling your weapon up. And with not losing the bar there is some tactical element as well. Thanks again for this great SHMUP. Hope you also get some financial reward from this. Good quality must be rewarded. 

Congrats to this long-awaited release. Plays reeeeeally nice.
A top quality shooter one will return to - for just another try. :)

I only made it through the first stage yet (normal difficulty) but love the game already. Can't wait to see the other end bosses. But one question: How does the weapon upgrade work? The more 'P's I collect, the stronger the shot? Or do I have a choice between different weapons?

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44:57 - Can I help you sir? :)
The 10Liner adaption of ZeHa's Teleporter is a "puzzle" version of the game, which means you can relax and think about the next step before you press the direction.

1. Yay!!!

2. Ah, I see. Thanks for the explanation. My retro game development setup is an older Lenovo Thinkpad X220 from 2011 but pimped with an SSD and IPS screen it feels like new. That's the reason for the lower resolution. It would break my heart if I could not use your tool on there. Fingers crossed you find a way to make it 720. :)

Hi Davit

Thanks for that phantastic pixel art and amazing  tool. I love it. Just two questions...

1. I have bought this version v1.17. Will the purchase also include older versions or free download of future  versions (e.g. for bugfixes?) and if so, how do I download these other versions?

2. My main Laptop with Windows 10 / 64 Bit has a native resolution of 1366x768. When I start PixaTool the content is about 50% smaller than the window. Font is unreadable and controls overlap. Impossible to work with. On a Windows 7 / 64 Bit Desktop with a resolution of 1920x1080 it's flawless. Is this still an unresolved bug on Windows 10 systems?

Cheers, wiz