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Wow. Thanks a lot for this nice feedback. I initially looked at other C64 Klondike games and thought that can be done better (and with mouse). The tricky (and fun) part then was to make it fit in my 3 A4 pages listing  limit and that it plays fast enough in BASIC. Was a great project.

Thank you Rob for this nice comment. Just checked your YT channel and I like it a lot that you spend an hour or more on a single retro game title or topic. Will definitely put you on my watchlist!

Love the beach setting and incredible SID tune impression of Van Halen's Jump. A feel-good game all along.

Wow! Thanks a lot Hayes for visitting and leaving this very nice comment. Spindizzy is one of my favourite teen memories on the C64 and the isometric presentation blew my mind at he time (to make an isometric game is on my bucket list since then). Very flattered that you compare Marble Boy with that.

Thank you. The 10-Liners for sure helped me to deal with the 4K limitation and to know there is always another way to make it work. :)

Did you see that in the Disk Version you can adjust (reduce) the speed of Marble Boy by using "-" on the keyboard? That may help to make it feel your taste of control.

Thank you Ant. So happy that you like it. I could keep the Goattracker player size down by only using two channels and not using any effects. The music used up 970 bytes though.

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Very nice game and mechanics. Love the art and style. And besides that mines are always a cool setting. The squeaking sound is a clever addition. Superb!

Really fun to learn the momentum of control and especially cool that you included 2 player mode. Great title!

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This game is so satisfying to play and to listen to the beat. Fantastic.

Very cute looking main character. The game has great control that makes it a lot of fun to jump and shoot through the four levels. The game is on the easy side so ideal for casual gamers. Well done!

Great atmosphere and lovely looking PETSCII Goblins. Made it to level 3 but finding the way back to the Grounding Bottle IS a challenge. Auto mapping of the explored path would be nice, but on the other hand it is fun to do some old school pen and paper work to not lose orientation. Very very cool game.

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Great Single Button Game that just makes you want to have one more try. And the circling car Sprite looks so cool! Excellent!

Edit: only read now that you can accelerate and break with up/down. Let's see if I can beat my current score of 510 with this. :)

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Wow. Thanks a lot for this nice comment, Roysterini. It was actually good that I finished he game more or less two weeks before the compo's deadline so that I could do more testing and some finetuning and make it feel all round (marble-pun intended ;) ). I think there are again some great games in the competition this year and I feel proud to be part of it.

Thanks a lot for the nice feedback.

Thank you. The feature to move a card back from the foundation pile to the tableau I left out by design (also own to my listing limitation to a maximum of three A4 pages). So if you run into a rare situation where a card on the foundation pile could have helped you then play the same number (seed) again and don't put that card onto the foundation pile too early. I hope that helps.

Thank you. 

Thank you for spreading the word <3

fixed :)

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Hello Olivier. First of all, thanks a lot for your interest in our little space adventure game. We saw your comment at the time and frodewin, the creator of this page and coder of the game, tried to contact you by the mail address you provided. Maybe you did not expect someone else but me replying? Sorry that we missed the opportunity to give you more information about the full version we are currently working on. Let us know, in case you still would like to get your questions covered.

Thank you. And yes, unfortunately the dialog conditions are not yet working as intended. The current download is a state we had after the 48h Game Jam and there was not enough time to play-test and fix. This will be addressed in the final version, so stay tuned :)

Thank you for this nice comment. We are working on a more polished version right now. With updated graphics,  music & sound. I think it's on a good way.

BTW: Please note that in Blackjack you can also revert the stake by using F2, F4, F6 and F8. Just in case you didn't find out yourselves.

Here is a short tutorial how to play Yahtzee:

Very happy that you enjoy the listings. How about a game of dice next?

This is meant to be a bumpy nostalgia ride. And yes, it will take some time and patience to type it all in. But the reward in the end is higher than just playing a new version of Solitaire. You will see.

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Both work, but if you have not started, I would recommend to use the latest V3.0 listing. The v3.0 mouse version is actually a little bit shorter than the v2.1 listing because of some optimizations and it makes sure you have enough BASIC memory left in case you would like to experiment and/or add your own optimizations. And for the mouse version you can omitt the joystick replacement code on page 5. The Joystick part is not additional but replacing parts of the program. I hope that helps.

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Thank you. I hope you will have a good trip down the memory lane and will enjoy the working game. I had fun testing, which is a good sign. And let me know when you struggle too much. There is always a way.

Please note that the checksum tool installs itself in the tape buffer area. Therefore only save to disk is supported. If you want to save to tape then use the following pokes to deactivate the checksum tool:


Before running the typed in program it is also strongly recommended to deactivate the checksummer  (or better reset the computer) since the tape buffer may also be  used by the program logic and without deactivation it may crash the computer.

Thank you. 

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Please download the latest Solitaire2021.pdf, now with additional Joystick enablement code

I hope to release the Joystick version tomorrow. Fire button double-click will act as right mouse button (to bring cards directly to the foundation pile).

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Tip: For Solitaire use the following numbers to have a guaranteed winner:

1             = Can be won with both Draw 1 or 3 card(s)
31423 = Walkthrough (fantastic card deck) :)

Got it. Great you don't have to start from scratch leveling your weapon up. And with not losing the bar there is some tactical element as well. Thanks again for this great SHMUP. Hope you also get some financial reward from this. Good quality must be rewarded. 

Congrats to this long-awaited release. Plays reeeeeally nice.
A top quality shooter one will return to - for just another try. :)

I only made it through the first stage yet (normal difficulty) but love the game already. Can't wait to see the other end bosses. But one question: How does the weapon upgrade work? The more 'P's I collect, the stronger the shot? Or do I have a choice between different weapons?

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44:57 - Can I help you sir? :)
The 10Liner adaption of ZeHa's Teleporter is a "puzzle" version of the game, which means you can relax and think about the next step before you press the direction.

1. Yay!!!

2. Ah, I see. Thanks for the explanation. My retro game development setup is an older Lenovo Thinkpad X220 from 2011 but pimped with an SSD and IPS screen it feels like new. That's the reason for the lower resolution. It would break my heart if I could not use your tool on there. Fingers crossed you find a way to make it 720. :)

Hi Davit

Thanks for that phantastic pixel art and amazing  tool. I love it. Just two questions...

1. I have bought this version v1.17. Will the purchase also include older versions or free download of future  versions (e.g. for bugfixes?) and if so, how do I download these other versions?

2. My main Laptop with Windows 10 / 64 Bit has a native resolution of 1366x768. When I start PixaTool the content is about 50% smaller than the window. Font is unreadable and controls overlap. Impossible to work with. On a Windows 7 / 64 Bit Desktop with a resolution of 1920x1080 it's flawless. Is this still an unresolved bug on Windows 10 systems?

Cheers, wiz