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Glad you like it. Thanks for your nice comment and support! <3.

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Thank you! Great to see many new high quality games  for the C64.

Thank you. But I need to point out that you reviewed the game based on a "cracked" version, which might not exactly reflect our version of the game. But thanks anyway.

A new game for the Commodore 64 inspired by Henry's House (1984). But much more casual - made for today's standards.

You are Timo McClane. Scottish Prince of a noble house. You broke with royal traditions, but after your parents died under mysterious circumstances, you reluctantly inherited a country estate with a small castle. Together with your girlfriend Amber, you take on the task of putting the neglected castle back in order. But something is wrong. A forgotten pain returns. The castle is cursed and Amber has suddenly disappeared. Can you lift the curse and save the love of your life?

  • Single screen platformer with 8 lovingly designed spaces
  • Goal is to collect all items, then pick up the key and unlock the exit
  • Many surprises, hidden bonuses and familiar references to a 70's/80's/90's childhood all the way
  • Normal and Easy (no fall damage) mode 
  • Endless continues from the room Timo has last reached
  • Fantastic end screen (not easy to get to) with its own dedicated music track
  • High score list is saved to disk
  • Arcade feeling: 50hz and no loading times during the game (single load game)
  • Simply put: Compact fun and a love letter to the early C64 gaming with today's gameplay standards

You're welcome. And yes - lesson learned: for next time we will hire a professional C64 UX Writer ;).

NTSC version added to the download file pack!

Thank you <3! And yes, I'm on it. The NTSC update will be out very soon. 

Hi Kevin! Thank you so much. Nothing prepared me better to this than taking part in the Reset64 4kb 'Craptastic' Game Compo in 2022. Learned a lot that way. I hope I can also take part this year. Long live the C64! :)

Timo's Castle is now listed on Lemon64:

Thank you for all the Buzz and positive comments so far. We will try hard or even harder to make our next game just as much fun.

Thank you. We'll do our best <3

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Thank you Tanja. It's always fun for us to see new player's first steps. Be assured: your friend will be able to run through level 1 in no time.

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Yours and another winner's e-mail ended in the gmail spam folder. Sorry for that. Will send it in the next minutes.

Haha. Thank you. The "grenades" in the Castle Garden are meant to be pine cones.

Congrats. Nice play.  But this was only the beginning. Try to reach > 50000 Points. It can be done, but you have to be fast.

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We're on it :)  - What's your mm size for the bleed in regards of the printing?

Hello BrewOtaku. Not just yet but is on our to do list. Why do you ask?

Bitmap Soft is looking for a solution to address this.

Thank you C64 Gamer. "Skilfully" is valid in UK English. Here in Europe we tend to align with UK English, not US. But "with with" cannot be excused. I'll correct that asap. It will be fixed with the next version 1.1. In case we make a separate NTSC version (vs integrated in the existing file) I may take the time to apply US English. Why not make it a proper US release. :)

Thank you!

Danke, lieber Andira. Natürlich haben wir beim Ausschmücken der Features oft auch an deine Vorlieben gedacht, was ein C64 Spiel mitbringen sollte. Wir sind ja auch Fans deines Kanals. Eine High Score Liste musste nur schon wegen dir rein.  Haha.

Thank you for taking the time to make that video!

This is not an option. Sorry.

There are a lot of YouTube Videos for Timo's Castle to make up your mind. And Joystick control is top. You can't go wrong on this one.

It was a pleasure to watch!

That's valuable feedback, thank you. It would be no effort to put the initial high score file "HI"  already onto the disk. At the same time I need to investigate, why the error code "No file found" is not handled properly. It shouldn't keep blinking.

Thank you! Do you refer to the digital download? What payment method did you choose? What country are you from? I also have the expectation that this should not take more than 2-3 clicks. I will need to buy the game for myself to see what you are presented with. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Woohoo! Can't wait to face the verdict of the suprime court ;).  Thank you Mayhem and the rest of the Zzap!64 team. 

Thank you Harald. Such a nice review! 

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On May 1st, 10:00 AM (CET).
Only two more sleeps 🛌💤💤🏰

Thank youhoo! <3

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You have the choice between Cartridge or Floppy Disk :) 

Don't worry... NTSC will follow later. When you buy PAL, you will also get the NTSC version in a later update. We want to take the time to make sure an  NTSC version feels just as much fun as the PAL one. Not just a rushed "doesn't crash" adjustment.

Well done Hayes. The game has lots of charme. Can I find Chili <3 somewhere in the caves?

Haha. Thanks. We'll hire you the next time.

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Thank you 🙏 . It  is one screen = one level. What you see is what you get. Compact fun! We tried to make a game that everybody can eventually play through. That's why we implemented next to normal mode an easy mode for kids and beginners.

More challenge comes with beating the high score: Time bonus gives more points the faster you complete a level. Speedrunners welcome 🤗.

Thank you Hayes. This is all very exciting. Bitmap Soft is a perfect fit for us. They are professionals. We feel very relaxed with them.

Awwww... Thank you! The other two are very nice guys, too.

Haha. Timo IS a great name. No question about that. Thank you for your support and all. We really appreciate it. All the earnings will go back into more C64 games development. A good investment for sure.

Thank you Richard <3