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The music for this game is so clam and soothing, it conveys a feeling of nostalgia that I long for, the story was really adorable and put a smile on my face! 

I always enjoy the little details that Wander puts in these games, they make them come to life for me. 

Thank you guys you made me laugh like crazy hahaha! XD 

Loved your video! Seeing you figure things out and finding out the all the endings made me smile, that makes me want to keep creating more! Thanks for your support.

I am so happy you liked it! I am working on an update soon to add scenarios and a lot of fixes, hope you get the chance to try it! 

Fantastic game! Mysterious lore, threatening puzzles, and that final stretch left me wanting more! I want more okey. 

Thank you so much ExtraCosmic! I can't believe it XD I wasl ike honk >_> 

Omg thank you so much! I was taken by complete surprise! 

Really cool visual style, would have loved to see more of it for reals, the sound design could use some work since is supposed to build suspense, some more music or just the sound in the bg would be enough to create the tension, I found the dialogue to be distracting, 

Overall it was pretty good though! 

Simple sweet and straight to the point platformer! I really enjoy these types of games and the art elevates this one. 


-Focus on adding a few more levels

-Add a more hyped but cute style music and more sound effects 

-Some more visual feeback when jumping would make it even pop up more. 

Aside from that great entry!

Clown Face on Twitter Twemoji 14.0 "More clowns are always better."

I am so happy you enjoyed the game! That really inspires me to keep expanding on this game, I already am preparing a small update with additional content, some story rewrites and expansions, hopefully you can find it worthwhile your time! 

Let us keep having a honking time! 

Thank you for the kind words! Ikr at first I had envisioned something a bit more traditional, but as I kept going, it kinda took a life on it's own and I just decided to let the weirdness and absurdity take over. 

I am so happy you enjoyed the clown designs! I was worried about them at first! 

As for the bugs I was able to iron them out, hopefully I can expand more on it! 

This is one of my favorite entries in concept and execution, the whole idea of moving a small camera or robot into a deep dark cave system, is so claustrophobic but interesting at the same time! 

The whole aspect of limited movement has always fascinated me, not knowing where you will be, having to make sure every step you make is carefully calculated, maybe even having to make a map, is all so interesting to me. 

The ambience and the darkness behind it are fascinating, to be honest I enjoyed this game quite a bit, would definitely come back for more! 

I don't see any game to download, I really liked the visuals, would like to try it even if it's incomplete. 

No hay permisos para accesar el archivo D: 

This is one of my favorite entries, the graphics are on point, it gave me a luigi's manssion feeling, while the sounds were very serviceable, the story was also interesting without it being too intrusive, and the puzzles were really well design with the colors. 


-Having a many system right away so we are able to quit game or adjust sound and such would help a lot. 

-Sometimes the areas felt a bit too big without them having any sort of meaning, instead tigther spaces with more details could be more interesting, and giving the monster a bit more personality as well. 

-Story could be improved in the way its portrayed, maybe with some images, text and music, it would bring more impact to the moments. 

-Some more polish. 

Overall, is a great experience and very fun game. 

I was surprised by this entry, it was very interactive and that made it very entertaining! i could see this being expande and becoming a fully fledged game, is super fun! the whole aspect of having to defend from various angles is really entertaining. 

I loved the artwork in this game and the sounds were pretty spot on, overall, it set a very good ambience and the story was pretty intriguing! 

I really enjoy these types of games I think one of the things I liked the most was the prompt, for some reason I always love those sorts of interactions. 

The aesthetics were on point! 

I wonder what would happen if you were given more time, I think it would be great for this title. 

Thank you for your support Salador! 

Love the idea of taking a well known game and then throwing into a whole of darkness were you look at the void and the void looks at you!

Overall, a great experience and spooky scenario, I can imagine this concept being taken further into completion.

Fun experience! The graphics were really well done, the tunnels were creepy and atmospheric! 


-Some more sound effects and music cues 

-Some UI elements displaying objectives would be nice in a minimal way 

Overall, a very fun experience.

The overall mechanics were really well executed! Is true it might require some polish as some have mentioned, but I found it very creative! The whole mechanic of closing your eyes to detect or feel the creatures made it scarier and more interesting! 

The sound design was also very well executed the ill chime was unnerving!


-Clearer to read text for the story I think would help a lot to service the story 

-The tutorial could explain a bit more the details of the closing eyes mechanic

Overall, a very fun project! 

After the submission I always feel relieved, but I usually like is a good time to reflect on all the work, be thankful and happy about knowing that you tried the best you could in a small amount of time, then think about the future, what is the next project and to think about other's enjoyment as well and listen to their opinions, it helps a lot to develop. At least I feel it has helped me grow and made me want to make more projects! 

The part that impressed me the most is the visuals! They are very appealing and beautiful, the intro scene was really well designer, the effects and the welcoming into the world. I think there was a sudden shift of tone with the music right after the entrance it was a bit jarring at the beginning, but then as the game begins to flow we are caught back on by the visual style. 

I think overall the game has potential! 


-I feel like the music at the beginning was a sudden shift, maybe a bit more somber or mysterious music would do better as a transition for the initial scene. 

-A bit less wandering would help as well, I found myself lost some times, is not bad to have some linear objectives right away. 

Overall with a bit more polish I think the game would be elevated quite a bit!

Really liked the pixel art is one of the parts that popped up to me right from the start! The sound was minimalistic but good in this case. I was wanting to learn more about the character and the scenario but overall it was a good entry! 


-Black boxes for text with white text would probably make the text pop out even more, since the white takes away from the ambience.

-A bit more story as to what is happening. 

Overall is a pretty good experience and with a bit more polish it would become a lil banger. 

I like the idea of having nanquines come after you and the mannequin following you looks pretty interesting! 

With more polish and time I think it had potential. 

Every project under your belt is a step in learning! 

The atmosphere and the camera angles were working for me it gave it a really good presentation! Sadly I imagine due to time constraints certain things were not able to be implemented. The camera was difficult to use and the controllers were difficult to manage. 


-Sound effects make all the difference in horror games! 

-Better controllers

-Make sure your character has collisions working

Overall good I thought the concept was interesting it just lacked a bit more time and execution.  

The visuals were fantastic! They gave the whole game a really original style! I have to say the opening is also amazing, the whole lovecraftian horror makes it even more interesting, I would have loved if you would have had more time to develop it but overall is a great experience. 

This little game is really well done! The mechanics are exciting, and the pacing was really good! I could see this being developed into a bigger experience easily! 


-Making the inventory more easy to see, or instructing the player were it is, I didn't see it at first until i read a comment, I would have missed the best parts if not for that. 

-Add more lore a bit more story or background to the situation would add a lot more to the game.

-Also put some more work on the front page, add the main image used for the game as the banner and some more things and it would help a lot to the advertisement, also put some red in the title art that will help attract more attention! 

Overall the sound effects, the music, the design it was all on point! 

I love top down perspective games so this one was really fun to go through, I wanted to keep exploring and talking to the tenants! I think one of the biggest things for me is investigation and this game does it very well! Also the sound effects were great. 


-Allow the player to progress the text without it being on auto or make it optional.

-More exploration and adding a few more threads to the final mystery. 

Overall, the game was very fun! 

I have to say this is one of the most graphically polished games I experienced in the jam, the 3d rendering was on point and crisp, the concept was intriguing, the sounds were effective, and the information given was intriguing, I've always loved those games where people are thrown into unwinnable scenarios. 

Overall, a great experience! Would love the concept being taken further and exapnded on! 

Simple yet effective!  Really liked the visual design of the screen jitter! 

Renpy gang unite! I really enjoyed the character designs that is probably one of the strongest part's of the entire project, i really like the spooky story and the relation between the characters, would have liked it to be a bit longer and maybe some choices, but overall very good! 

The best parts of this game are the mechanics, the effects and the visuals, they really pop out and communicate the ideas! I loved the concept behind it, is true the text is hard to read at times, but the overall experience is very entertaining! 

The presentation is excellent, I personally love minimalism so this was right down my alley! The story is the strongest part of the entire project, it was intriguing seeing the puzzles slowly making senset to me as I kept investigating, that part was really well done! And how the story slowly progressed! Excellent work to be honest! 

Aww thank you for the kind words Madasski! I am really happy to hear you loved the story! I will have to set some instructions at the beginning of the game, there are preferences, but I will change it to options so is easier to recognize were to change the sound settings, thank you for letting me know your concerns as I keep developing the game . 

I was able to watch the clip it was hilarious! I am happy I got to see you play it and review it! Wormie becoming king is quite fitting and finding the clown house even for me sounds disturbing, can't imagine going to a place like that in rl. hahaha

Thank you so much for the playthrough and the kind comments! 

Thank you so much! I've been trying to go for a more Goosebumps style horror, nothing to horrifying but fun enough to keep interest in the mystery while keeping it spooky, I am so happy you consider it one of your favorites it makes me heart warm! 

Thank you so much!  Hopefully I can bring more content like this in the future or expand on it! It was a blast, can't wait to try other vn entries!