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AArg all that animal placement grinding to get up from 17x17, and nothing new unlocks :( Good game though!

Rating time :)

For some reason all of the criteria except audio were set for judges only, ive fixed it now. Thanks for letting me know!

you know you still have 10 hours left right ;) you could try things like polishing the main menu or gameplay

you could also try the #looking-for-team channel in the discord, since not many people read the community tab

So i asked him, he can only look in to it at sunday, i guess you will have to use an alt until then :(

As far as for the server rules, i was surprized but i think there is no channel for it, as long are you are a normal person you get accepted, so if you havent done anything weird or mean its probebly some fault with discord or something that will be resolved!

Ill get wituz (the server owner) to look at it!

The link is the only one they will judge i belive

i have tested it, but the game does not really play well on pc, if you still want to, you can play the game using bluestacks (an android emulator for windows)

i just send in 20 seconds of raw footage (without sound, probebly should have included that 😬) it specifies that they like you to edit the footage as less as possible.

you cant just submit your game to a bunch of random gamejams lol.

so ive just found out that .io allows you to report jams with the reason that they are not for this jam. then they will be send to the jam host (in this case javid). so they can delete them if they find it justified.

Yes, the closer it gets to submission, the harder it gets to differenciate them

olc::BeatTheBoredom community · Created a new topic Ad’s

some people are already submitting games to use the jam as free advertisements, are you going to take action on that? 

it would also be nice if your submission is themed around “outside”

it was fixed without a reply on this post ;)

The discord invite (on the itch jam page) is not valid...

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just what i needed new nice monsters for my magic forest game keep making them and cheers man


i use this as the boss and the blob as minion XD

you are doing great work

im making a game can i get your permison to use all your sprites :D?

of course i will credit you!



Super Robo-Dash community · Created a new topic why again

at the first level why you get evrery time explaintion again?