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Wow! Really impressed with this game. The mechanics are simple, but they work perfectly.

A simple, classical match-3 game. 

Even if this is the first Godot game of the author, it is obvious (as he states himself) that he didn't have the time to finish. Thus, it is too bad it lacks scoring, and the theme interpretation is not evident at the current state of the game.

This is encouraging though!

Nice little game.

Please add a mapping for AZERTY keyboards !

A nice game, reminding of past games on NES, and even before. Levels are indeed procedural, and features basic IA for enemies, which seem to start chasing the player if he sees them. The difficulty lies in the horizontal posture of the ship, which forces the player to flee and position to shoot, which is nice for gameplay.

The style is very "game boy-ish", and respects the bonus theme.

I noticed a bug: if the game ends with game over, you die immediately on restart. Frustrating.

A classic infinite-runner game, very simple but also addictive. I really enjoyed the color-based gameplay, which not only respects Bonus Theme, but also participates in the gameplay.

Music is not bad, of course a bit repetitive, but hey, that's the genre!

My personal best: 25.

As the author stated, this is more a prototype than a real game. The player misses a bit of things to do, which is normal.

The main theme is partially respected, as we move from room to room, which the content seems to be placed differently, however these objects positions are frequently the same. It feels more like a random choice in a list of positions than a real procedural world generation. Note that I didn't look at the source code yet.