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which version? I think it's fixed on v1.1

Oop my bad if you're playing v1.0 I had a bug that broke the generators if you died. If you're playing on v1.1 it should be working. Sorry <3

Ah dang. I was hoping this wouldn't happen, but I didn't have time to script a forced chase 😩

Let me know if you end up playing it on an old tv! I'd love to see that ❤️

|I only wish there was more

Same bro lol.

Honestly, my favorite play-through so far. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the feedback!

This is super actionable stuff and I appreciate the thought you put into it.

Thanks bro-tendo


Survive the takes of a shitty, low-budget film.


Congratulations! You've landed the star role in Agent X, the next blockbuster film in Hollywood...or so you thought. After signing your contract, you realize the movie is not what it seems. Now with only a few days to look at the script, you've been thrown into the most critical scene of the movie, the "zombie" attack. Your only defense is two pistols (that fire blanks of course) against the horde.

This is a VR game we made in less than 48 hours for the HTC Vive.

Thanks a bunch for playing!

I'm glad! Thanks for playing.

Lol thank you for playing!

Overlook Drive is a short horror game, with an unavoidable, impending death. 

I hope you enjoy it. I had fun making it.

This was made for a local game jam over 24 hours

I appreciate any and all feedback


Thank you for playing! I really appreciate it. Your video was seriously funny.

Art style is hella cute. My only complaint is it's hard to tell what is and isn't clickable. Otherwise a great game.

I really liked this game, my only real gripe is the keyboard controls. Not having wasd be move and using my right hand to attack, jump, and dash felt really uncomfortable. I might get used to it after a while but I don't think I 'll stick with the weirdness long enough to get to that level. 

There's no build available to download for windows.

Love that aesthetic. Sooo nice. I really didn't like how slow the turret turned though. I don't know if it's on purpose, but personally it felt sluggish and detracted from my enjoyment.

Have a great day!

Simple, fun, to the point. A great example of what kind of game it takes to succeed at a game jam.

COMO Game Jam community · Created a new topic Twitch signup

What's your twitch url that you'll be streaming

It's definitely better if they would stay!

But as long as we can get some information (like email etc) feel free to bring them along.


You're not officially signed up, but feel free to come. We'll just have to take down some info from you when you arrive.

Cya soon!

PS. How did you find the jam on here? lol it's unlisted.

COMO Game Jam community · Created a new topic Questions

Ask any and all questions here! Unless you can find Sean or Wes, then ask them!

I think some smaller effects, like dust when you jump, or just little art things like that. Maybe some story elements. I haven't been able to get past the thrower guy in the first level because of the jumping so maybe there is some story, but I think it would do well to have a little bit at the beginning

The jumping is a little wonky. Had a little trouble with it in places. Is the holding down meant to block or something? It looks like it's supposed to be a block but I still get damaged.

Overall a pretty well put together game that just needs a little juicing up. It feels like it's just missing a little something to put it over the top.

Good luck with your future endeavors I'll be sure to follow you.

Read the description lol.

"Restarting can sometimes cause the lighting to get dimmer."


"Getting near to the drop-ship landing causes it to stop working"

Thanks for reminding me to put in the reticle problem in the description though.