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Questions Sticky

A topic by Stranger & Stranger Games created Jan 27, 2017 Views: 128 Replies: 4
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Ask any and all questions here! Unless you can find Sean or Wes, then ask them!


I just registered here for the event but I didn't get a ticket in time on Am I signed up then?




You're not officially signed up, but feel free to come. We'll just have to take down some info from you when you arrive.

Cya soon!

PS. How did you find the jam on here? lol it's unlisted.

Hi! Thanks for replying so quickly!

I'm a Mizzou CS student and I've been tracking this event for a little while and really wanted to go.

Annnnd to find your super secret event I just googled the it xD and when I made an account on itch it let me "join the jam".

Is it ok if I bring a friend? Sorry for not signing up the right way. I saw that it was free and didn't think of registering until it was too late. My friend only wants to stay tonight and check out the event.

Thanks again,



It's definitely better if they would stay!

But as long as we can get some information (like email etc) feel free to bring them along.