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What a fun way to become paranoid, love the secret agency flavour!

Some great thinking going on here to mechanise emotional stakes, and I'm so impressed by the felt background! 

Thanks for the heads up, I'll look into it.

saw this in the jam, such a [cool/creative/spooky] idea! absolutely love Control

Should be able to grab a community copy for free on the project page. Fun product and jam btw, thanks for running it all!

Oh cool, would that be an open discord? Interested to see the wider starforged community!

Heya, I might have missed a discord message or email or something but was the deluxe edition winner ever announced? Halfway into plugging in payment details for a physical copy (rules + supplements from this jam = a lot of tabs!), I remembered the chance here. 

So many! Love it. I'll probably get through my submission's worth in a few trips and jump to this one. Enough to keep the problems coming for a whole campaign here!

If we'd talked a few days ago I would have been all over that but it was kind of a big relief for me to get this finished today - I'm afraid I don't have it in me to jump back in the ring. I am interested in this pile of technobabble though. I've given you a follow so I hope to catch if you ever do release it! 

So much usable detail, I love how much you've thought of!

Hey, a person could burn through these in a few sessions and need more, easily.  Also I just used a Canva template so I can hardly take credit for the pretty - thanks though!

Using rumours to build background colour is such a great idea, even beyond this setting! Good amount to work with here too.

The normal cards were perfect for a TTRPG I was making, thanks so much for sharing your great work!

I've seen a couple jams do that, sounds fun. I'd be game!

Match made in heaven!

I'm so impressed with how many different interesting encounters you managed to come up with, complete with questions too!

Love the idea of turning mistake into story. Great doodley look too. Could have used a little more gameable guidance to shape the experience but I enjoyed what was there, like how you're to stop when the ink dries. Would be fun to put a bunch of different people's together, I could see this being a classroom hit.

The suggestions table was a great jumping-off point! Ironically, I've always had blank-page syndrome when it comes to blackout poetry but you've made it much more approachable.

I used the instructions themselves and ended up channeling Oscar Wild. With love:

Time is not on my side but I'm into the Sacred Geometry one!

Any suggestion for what level D&D characters would be good for a mini campaign through the Vast?