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Relaxing music. Poor Dennis! <3

I found the secret way to play this game. Start in the far left of the stage. Then start madly pressing LMB and scrolling down on the scroll wheel, while holding D to move right. You'll fly through the air. Please turn this mechanic into a game.

Also the character is cute. :)

Is this a Blast Corps clone? Nice, needs some polishing like a win condition though.

Hope you add some enemies or something. Nice level generation!

Thanks for playing everyone! :)

- Steven

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I was on a team actually, you can see ours here:

The game page has more instructions. If you like the idea we actually are still working on it and have been releasing a more stable version, I think my buddy posted a link to the "post-jam" version. Of course, you should base your rating on the jam version to be fair ;)

I want to play and comment more games but haven't had much free time, hopefully I'll get to it soon!

Edit: heres the postjam version in case you don't see this before the end of the rating period:

Man, pacifist run is very hard. The dudes who kill the other dudes are so rough. This gives me the same "I am so pissed off but I must keep playing" feeling. Quite nice!