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Hey thanks! We are really glad you are enjoying it!

Thanks! Glad you like it!

Hi! Thanks for the kind words! Your comments are really spot on, we wanted to make a vanilla RPG that could be played anywhere, anytime. That's why it may be too forgiving at times; we chose to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone over making a challenging game.
We are really glad you enjoyed it and happy to support the bundle!

Thank you! We are so glad you like it! We created all the assets ourselves, we are happy you like them! The game was made in around 4 months, and the sprites were drawn as we needed them during that time. Regarding Aidinia, the engines are very, very different, so a direct port is off the table, but we are considering maybe working on a remake. Thank you!

Thank you! It makes us very happy that you like it! Controller support has been a much requested feature, but due to the game the way is coded (and the fact that we didn't design it with controller support from the very beginning) made it a little hard to implement it. That said, we may add it in the future. In fact, we ordered a controller online a few days ago to test features like this one.

Regarding the Switch release, thank you for the information about Ratalika! We will look them up to see if there's a chance of that happening!

Thank you! We are so glad you like it!

Woah, thank you! That makes me incredibly happy, I'm so glad you liked Aidinia so much, and I just hope you like Fateful Lore even more! Thank you very much for everything!

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I think that of all the answers we have received, this one has been the one that has made me smile the most. It amazes me when people know Aidinia, I made that game over 7 years ago (while still learning to code) and, while it's quite dear to me, it's a mess haha. I'm so glad you liked it anyway; Fateful Lore is a spiritual successor to Aidinia, but with all the things that were wrong with Aidinia fixed. This time I did not make the game alone (I worked on it with some colleagues as Fantaseel Interactive) and the final result is of a much, much higher quality. I believe that if you enjoyed Aidinia you will absolutely love Fateful Lore.

All that said, the game will be available on Google Play as soon as Google approves it. Google is now checking every app that's uploaded to their store (and taking almost a week in doing so) and we didn't realize that until it was too late, so the Play Store version is still under review. But Fateful Lore it WILL undoubtedly be released on Google Play, sooner or later (let's hope sooner). I believe that in less that a week it will be on the Play Store. For the time being, however, we have uploaded it here - and it will remain here (while also being on the App Store and Play Store) updated an all, for those who prefer to have the apk.

Thank you so much for your comment!

Thank you for the interest! The game was built with mobile in mind, really, and it's fine tuned to be playable and enjoyable on mobile devices mostly. We haven't discarded the possibility of a PC release in the future, but at the moment that is not in our immediate roadmap.

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Hi there! Yesterday we released Fateful Lore, a retro-inspired, 8-bit RPG for mobile devices (yay!). Of course, this means adventure, monster slaying, treasure hunting and lots of pixels in wonderful NES style! The game is, of course, inspired by classic RPGs like Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy. We found that there were no RPGs on these platforms that looked and played the way we liked, so we decided to make one ourselves.

We put a lot of effort into this game and I believe we do really have a very polished and fun product. We put a lot of effort into the graphics, the music, the writing, the gameplay, the awful dad jokes, etc; and the people who playtested it really, really loved it, so we really hope you do too!

You can find it on here:

Thank you very much for your time!