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Stone River Games

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Evocative as hell. I can almost smell the Doom Apes approaching...

So - we're nearly finished on our game. Does anyone know if there is a way to upload the game so it appears on both our pages and splits any money gathered?

Hot damn but this is Cool with a capital C. You could use this to hack the most basic RPG experience into something very, very special for everyone involved

In Nacho Desire, you tell the story of a great love.

This is a game to play with someone you desire. Your partner, your lover, your crush.

Be careful whom you invite to play Nacho Desire, lest they become one of these by the end of the game.

Created for #OurLittleFoodJam

Awesome, I'll shoot you an email with my thoughts as soon as possible :)

Hi Josh, I'm Jay. Also UK based (North London). My favorite animals are dogs because, well, they're dogs. I'd be excited to collaborate with you on something if you're interested, I had a look at your work and it's really impressive.  

I recently submitted a 200 Word RPG you can check out to see what I've been working on ( and there's a TroikaJam background in my profile.

I'd also be interested in responding to Legacy, or here's some alternatives; Bacchanal, A Quiet Year, Kult, Freemarket, Red Markets, Durance (I'm v new to the itch scene myself and also open to exploring here for inspiration).

This is quality!