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Congrats! Funny game, I love the UFO event <3

Hi! I have updated the game and reduced the volume of the camera shutter :D

Cool music, great smothness on controls! :D

It could have more polishing, you still have time!
Good game :D

Very impressive! I liked the post processing effect :D
My record is 10 😢😢


Thanks! ❤

I love the concept and I would like to see more levels. I can get away it without camouflaging myself.

At first it was hard for me to understand how to play. The idea is very good, but the slow speed of the character disconnects a bit.

Cool concept, hope to see you again participating in WGJ!

This is that kind of game that when you understand it, you just want to know what's beyond and your imagination wakes you up. Enjoy it!

I liked! It's a difficult thing, but I like the challenge of lasting longer.
Also the graphics fit very well!

Although the game has little content, it is very satisfying. Did you make the sounds? They are great!
I hope you continue to participate in the WGJ

We both had a very similar idea, but different at the same time, hahaha. I like the smooth animation of the character.

Hello! It is a bug in the web version. The windows Executable runs right. 

Anyway I'm still developing this so I will upload the final version later

Thanks for playing 😍