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Saludos! No es necesario tener una Xbox para jugar, sino tener algún joystick/gamepad compatible.

The game is fine, but the tutorial just confused me.

Perhaps it can be polished even more so that it feels better and the state of the game is more evident. I like what you've done.

You handled art spectacularly! looks and feels great.

It's a pretty great game in terms of mechanics, but without enough instructions I can get a bit lost. However, it looks like you did a great job and the game works very well!

You didn't upload the zip with the libraries (I tested Windows only) I cannot play :(

Can you upload a version for Windows?

Well, I really did not understand the relationship with the subject, is it because the enemies dance?

The music is fine and the graphics are working, but the collisions and the cursor stuck on the screen do not let me enjoy it.

In the last level I appear at ground level, is this how you designed it?

You didn't upload the folder with the libraries. I can't play :(

Ok, I have to say that at first the game took me by surprise, it puts you right into the action and it was not clear to me what to do. When I inferred the mechanics and the loading system it seemed like an excellent game! You have done a great job with a very creative mechanic and that gives a lot of content!

You've completed the game! Congrats!
But the initial part is very difficult to be just the begining.

The first step to learning is to try! And it's a very good try! Did you make the music?

I encourage you to participate in more jams, such as the Weekly Game Jam, so you get into a habit and perfect your technique. I wish you a lot of success!


Overall it is a good video game, and an excellent job that you did by yourself! The art is very good and the music hits the mark.


The level design is a bit slow and it's quite frustrating to start all over again. Some collisions don't work properly and sometimes it feels very static.


I think it's a good puzzle game, the art is fine and the mechanics are understood.


Dangerous objects like spikes or arrows should shine brighter for better reaction time.
The application of the theme is not clear to me.

I enjoyed it, I reminds me of Lufia series (the fighting mechanics)

The first time I played I did not notice several details, such as that the other salamanders can use your same spells. It's quite fun trying to get as long as possible with these different combinations. Excellent work!


Hello! Very good work from you! The art is great, the mechanics are very straight-forward and the music is very good.


Some collisions are a bit out of place and cause the character to get stuck at times.


One of the most creative games I've seen in the entire gamejam. Although the platform is not so innovative, mixing it with the weight and shadow factor has made it very entertaining.


Perhaps the penultimate level could be divided in two. It's a bit frustrating having to restart everything after going so far.

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Hi friend! Thank you for your comments!
I hadn't thought about the Worms graphics, but yeah, you're right hahaha.

I have almost ready the post jam update, I have taken into account the feedback you have given me, thank you very much for that to everyone!


Good game! The mechanics are very straightforward, so it's really enjoyable! 
I think the art work has been great, the dissolving effect of the thought clouds looks very smooth


I would have liked the person to change emotions on their face according to the distraction bar, but I will not lower points for that, it is just an idea.


I don't know if the music was made by you, can you tell me if that's the case?


I really liked the art, and the sound of the cats is adorable


There is a bug when putting the game in full screen that makes the viewing range appear as a square in the center of the screen. I also did not understand the application of the theme very well, but perhaps I am just very distracted.


Congratulations on finishing your game, the art is very well done


I can't quite understand how it fits into the theme, does it have to do with less junk food being more life or something?


Congratulations on your game! Do not worry if it is not completely finished, the important thing is that at the end of the jam you have created something completely yours!

I liked the main mechanics, although it is not very polished, the objective is perfectly understood.


The character's gravity is extremely high.


It seems to me an excellent application of the theme. The visuals are minimalist but very good, the levels are well designed.

Despite the good design of the levels, perhaps they are somewhat difficult. The difficulty curve is somewhat hasty.

Thank you!
There is an arrow at the top of the seventh level, but yeah, maybe It needs to be more visible to the user :D

I really liked it, even though I got caught in the fireball part, I just can't get through without getting hit.

I think I know where the story goes, so great job.

One thing I did not like was the text was centered, that made me a bit dizzy, it would be better to align the text to the left.

Whoops! I did not expect something like that! It seems like an excellent project! I like the application of the theme and it serves as a mathematical exercise.

Hi friend. Your game seems amazing to me, it has great potential. But it has a big problem: It is not intuitive. It is not explained that you should drag the circle, which could scare off impatient players.

I see you've put a lot of effort into the visuals, especially with the lighting.

Regarding innovation, it is not something that has ever been seen, but I like how it is implemented, it feels good and is really challenging.

Keep working hard!

I like it a lot!

Although I'm pretty sure deer can't jump that much hahaha.
I think I understand the application of the theme. It is not as forced as others, so very good!

Thank you for your feedback!
Yeah, I really want to add more levels, this experience was great!
Congratulations for beating the game! 🎉🎉


This is really a good entry!

Nice game, I can't extinguish a single flame but nice game

Your style is awesome!

I see a lot of work here.

The theme... i don't get it ;/

Is there a way of buy a new pickaxe?

Maybe the theme could be more clear.

Nice job.

I don't how this fits with the theme...

The graphics are very good.

First of all, congratulations for finishing the game!

I like the idea, but the gameplay is so slow and the cursor doesn't move with mine.

I can't pass the second level.

You did an amazing job considering you are only 13!

Keep working and you'll see better results!

This is just the beginning!

Although it's not very innovative I liked how you made a lot of sub-mechanics that made the game longer.

I'm not sure if you made the music so I gave you a low scorde.

Keep working hard! 🔥🔥

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Hello playerxt! I've read your comment and i'm very happy you liked the game. I'm taking notes on your feedback and working to release a new version that fixes a lot of problems. <3

Nice! This is just simple but entertaining <3

Also the art is good

Congrats! Funny game, I love the UFO event <3