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Okay, I know it's a ripoff, but at least add something unique !

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all BlockGoal on Block

in the WINCONDITIONS segment

I couldn't figure out that you can turn pull crates into small walls.

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You are welcome !

Also make the levels less tedious and add more mechanics to it.

Here, I upgraded the sounds in the game. Tell me what you think.

Why is there no sound ?

Is the second level even possible ?

By the way, I'm rating level 1.1 to 1.71 based of my thoughts of each levels. The whole series gets 5 stars.

How is the idea stolen ?

I agree.

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palsb14's walkthrough :

palsb14's walkthrough :

I think it's fixed now

You need to add a thumbnail for the game because it's glitching a collection by Increpare.

But there are no spikes on the left.

There is this annoying bug where sometimes, if you get hit and if you are near the edge, sometimes the control is lost forever.

Here you go.

Um... okay. How about 0.075 ?

That's way too complex to be a feature, so instead, I will make it so you can turn the "Pully-H" part into any crate you want, except the normal one and some certain crates.

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Didn't noticed the level select lol

I don't really get why you used PuzzleScript+ if you didn't used his new features, like runtime_metadata_twiddling.

Why can't I press left when I'm on this spot ?

Thanks, but I don't concider the game being unique since it's just Camelot Jr on the PC.

You already sent you idea. Wait for someone else to send an idea to send yours.

I don't really get it why there are people taking ideas from Increpare, but I'll make it at some point.

The last part actually sounds like a great idea ! I'll definitively make this !

Okay then, if you say so.

Not sure if it's useful or even intentional, but there is some hiden path on Barky.

You should avoid putting two ideas at once. I said a feature suggestion not multiple features suggestions in the rules.

In that case, I will choose a random idea of the two.

Looks good, but instead of restarting the level, you could change the player to look like he died from radiation before restarting.

Should be having some animation.

sftrabbit will probably fix it, if he gets back online.

Yep. I took the concept of this game and made it into a real game.

Neither the Youtuber and the Twitch streamer played our submitions. What happened ?

Oooh, smooth movement.

I'm going to make a mystery update too !

Would be very hard to come up with good level but okay !

Thanks !

The walls are now invisible.

I sent a prototype to your first "flag as level" game. I updated a bit.