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Very nice! Just beat it, would've loved if it was longer or procedurally generated!

The only way to filter out the horror games that flood the store is to add ?exclude=tg.horror to the URL.  As of today, I am not seeing this work, adding it to the URL does nothing and the horror games remain.

PLEASE add an option to filter out certain genres/tags! I understand I'm not the first to suggest this, but it is seriously hurting discoverability and usability on the site.

Thanks for the response, excellent jam game!

I like the concept! One question: it says the ground won't deteriorate when you're near, but what counts as "near"? What's the range there?  It isn't clear.

Oh, wow!  Thanks so much for taking the time to play my game!  Incredibly cool to see it being streamed.  

Thanks for the feedback!

Very cute relaxed game, I liked it!

Fun game, main issue is how easy you can slide off the edge.  I get how that is part of the challenge, but it can feel pretty out of control.  Maybe add some friction to the cube's movement left and right?

Great art style!

Fun idea, the controls were a bit hard to wrap my head around.

I had a feeling I missed it.

Fun idea!

I would ditch the strafing controls and just use the rotational ones, that feels better for navigating a sphere to me.

The camera seemed off? The world was off to the right for some reason, and I would suggest rotating the camera around the sphere with player, so the player always stays in/near the center of the screen.  This would make tracking the player while navigating a lot easier.

Nice game!

The dash mechanic felt good, some good platforming challenges there.

I like the idea of an annoying trivia host rattling off facts while you're trying to survive, and having to answer a trivia question at the end for bonus cash.  However, and unless I totally missed it, the trivia question at the end was never one of the things the host had mentioned, so there was no incentive not to just completely ignore her dialogue and focus on platforming.

I think hiding the question in a torrent of misc. facts could be a fun little bonus to her annoying the contestants while playing.

Good job!

Lol, it's the scene where Scott explains that Pacman was originally called Puckman.

I really like this game!
I wasn't able to get to the end, quitting after accidently starting at the beginning one too many times, but dang did I want to!  Love the tough as nails platforming.

I would suggest placing checkpoints more frequently.  While its satisfying to overcome a platforming challenge, it can be disheartening to have to beat the same 3 because you keep failing on the 4th.  That being said I felt pretty motivated to give it one more try.

Another suggestion, and this may come down to how troll-y you want the game to be, but I would set the boxing gloves to continuously fire at a set rate, instead of only firing when your character is in range.  This way you can be aware that the gloves are coming and see the pattern before making an attempt at avoiding them.  I don't like being thrown off the platform by an unexpected glove, or getting tripped up cuz the range calculation decided to throw 2 gloves at once.  But again, perhaps this tolling is the point.  Either way, I personally prefer hard but fair platforming.

Really excellent entry, the intro panning and commentator is a very nice bit of polish as well!

Interesting concept, but I think there needs to be more interaction within the game.  Right now it feels like copying down answers between tabs.

Maybe there could be a way to get away with looking at the survey, and you can only be caught a certain number of times before you're kicked off the game show?

Interesting idea, nice art/audio!

I really like the concept of answering trivia questions while running for your life!

Since your were able to map both control schemes (question answering and platforming) to separate hands (very nice job there), why not have players do both simultaneously instead of splitting it into distinct phases?  I think the split focus of trying to answer as many trivia questions correctly as possible while avoiding obstacles has the potential to be some really frantic fun!  Something to try out maybe.

Very nice game, funny set up and lines too.  Great job!

Love the warioware vibes.  Great pixel art/animations.

The only real suggestion is the more minigames the merrier! Of course, this being a game jam I think 3 by submission was a good goal.  The rocket minigame seemed consistently harder than the other 2, however that could've just been me lacking fast clicking skillz.

Nice game!

Definitely a hard game! I was having trouble getting to the first few platforms even!  It's fun to skip along platforms.

I think giving the players a bit more control over the car would probably help the feel of the game.
Maybe instead of the same jump height every time you hit spacebar, holding the button down longer could affect the height of the jump.  That combined with the boost could allow people to skip across platforms easier.

Nice entry!

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Thanks for the feedback. 

Yea, I debated taking out the WASD controls but I decided on leaving them in because I do think playing with WASD + mouse does play a bit different than mouse only. 

That being said I may remove them in the future, need to playtest more without them.

You've entered into a Wipeout-style game show where you must body slam everyone else off a suspended platform in order to become the Last Man Standing!

However, you're a bit on the small side and it looks like all the other contestants have teamed up against you. Use your reflexes to dodge their attacks and body slam them into next week!

Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, I see what you mean.  Unfortunately I caught a bug after submission that doubled the player's knockback distance.
Additionally, the decision to ramp up the enemies per level was to try and make sure most players got to a point where they could chain attacks together (the most satisfying part of the game, imo).
That being said I think these things in unison made the game too frustrating too quickly.

I'll likely publish an update with a smoother difficulty curve after the jam concludes!

Wow, great game.  Played the fixed version.

The Baba Is You art style works really well, satisfying sound effects, and very fun challenge to play.

Having both levels and endless mode options was a great decision.  A lot of fun to play.

Not really sure how it fits the theme, but otherwise excellent work!

Nice game! I love the art style and good solid platforming challenges!

What I would focus on if you were to continue work on it is player feedback.  Sound/particles on actions like jump/double jump/stomp an enemy.  Initially I was confused when I fell on a side spike and it disappeared, then I realized falling on most obstacles would defeat them.  Adding some sound for that action would help avoid confusion, for example.

Sidenote: I'm not very experienced in Unity but when I've used it in the past I've encountered the same jittery player movement and I believe the bug came down to where I put camera/player movement code, something was in the wrong spot either Update/FixedUpdate/LateUpdate.  Something to look into (but take with a grain of salt as I don't really use Unity).

Overall, great entry I enjoyed it!

Thank you kindly!

Nice game! The music and timer help create a frantic atmosphere which felt spot on.

I will say I was initially totally confused on the first level.  I naturally started exploring and trying to interact with stuff, I didn't realize the goal until I barely had any time left.  That being said after that realization clicked I had no issues the rest of the game.

Maybe a more direct statement of the goal upon entering the game would be helpful?

I literally don't know how you were able to do this in PICO-8, let alone make it incredibly satisfying to play, but goddamn color me impressed!

Additional thought: keep the controls, remove the "max shots", add an undo last move button.

Love the concept, however really put off by the golf controls.

Oftentimes, I would have solved the puzzle in my head, but would be stuck wrestling the controls to get the box to actually move to where I want it, until I would get frustrated enough to quit the level.

It seems that this game is really 2 disparate ones stitched together, a clever puzzler about fractals and a skillshot minigolf game with a gravitational twist.  They do not work together, in my opinion.  The golf mechanic could be fun to explore in a separate game, but here it is a huge obstacle to what I think could be a really interesting puzzler!

If you replaced the golf controls with something more standard, like simple platformer controls, I think the game would greatly benefit from it.