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No entries, that's okay, I forgot to announce the theme, and have been very busy. STGJ will start back up in a few weeks once I sort some stuff out and have internet again.

The theme is Underwater

Sorry for being so late with this, I am currently moving houses. Therefore the theme is optional, just make a survival game if you’ve already started.

Won’t have internet for about a week(using data atm) so we will have to skip a week until stgj 8

It's cool to see your still interested and have made a game each time, they're always fun.

Are you suggesting moving the time?  I could push it forward 24 hours, that way it's more over the weekend for most people, as in my time zone it stars Friday morning (Midnight) and closes Monday morning. I can change it to Saturday to Tuesday my time (Friday noon - Monday your time) That would make it more over the weekend for you and people in America.

I believe it has been public voting, I forgot to set it to public, until right after the jam ended this time, but I believe the others all were right from the start.

I have been considering a Discord channel, may get on that for the next one. 

Thanks for the feedback, and as always, can't wait to see what you come up with next :)

We got 2 submissions this time, both of which are very good, congratz to you too.

STGJ 7 is up, go join if you want!

Due to low interest and participation, I will not be doing youtube videos on the jams at this stage, and I'm working on restructuring the game jam, possible making it monthly, to hopefully get more participants. Let me know your thoughts! Thanks.

Looks good, can't wait to try it out!

we're nearly at the 24 hour mark, how's everyone going?

Cool! Nice to see you're making another game!

The theme for STGJ 6 is Gravity!!!

Due to low participation I chose the theme again instead of a poll, it just makes it easier.

Seems pretty good so far, would like to see where you go with the story.

Just to let you know, WASD doesn't work for movement, only arrows or clicking, not sure if that's just me.

Congratz to the 3 people that got their games in!

STGJ 6 is all set up for anyone wanting to give it a go with a new theme!

I may or may not make a video playing/talking about the jam and the entries, so look out for that on the STGJ youtube channel

Just over one hour to go, if you're still making a game, you should be getting ready to submit shortly, don't miss the deadline!!!

Only a few hours left, you need to be making your final touches and getting ready to submit your games!!!

Cool, sounds like you've made a lot of progress, excited to try it out!

We are now half way through the game jam! 1 day and 12 hours to go!!!

Possibly. It depends on the number of entries and if I get the time, but I would like to.

Also not sure how to structure the videos, be it me playing them with commentary (which I'd rather not) or find someone else to do that, and i'll upload it, or something different entirely, suggestions would be good!

Sounds like a good start, got plenty of time to expand and improve, and yes, playtesting is very important, something I to forget to do sometimes, when I do game jams.

Nearly 24 hours in, how's everyone going? Making good progress?

All good man, do your best with what you got. Good to see you back, and excited to see what you come up with this time!

The theme for STGJ 5 is Resurrection! There is a lot that could be done with this to create unique and fun mechanics in your survival game, so have fun, and I can't wait to see what you all come up with.

In later jams the theme with be put to a poll, I thought I'd choose it for the first time back, and it's kinda fitting :)

That's perfect, i'm going to send an email to everyone who participated, regarding making a video, you can just ignore it, well done btw the game looks great, every game jam I run everyone always suprises me with what they can do in only 72 hours. Good Job!

idk, was just giving it a bit more time to get more votes, i'll just set it to today.

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Unfortunately I just don't have time to set up another game jam for this weekend, however there will be one the week after that. I will try to keep them weekly but it's not always going to be possible. Sorry if you were planning on doing it this weekend, but I hope to see you the following weekend.

Also could everyone who submitted a game in this jam, please read the "It's Over" Thread on what to do for the video, if you don't want to do one, please email me.

Thanks for the feedback, will do this.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and congratulations to everyone who submitted a game. I'm yet to try them out, but will do very soon. This one's over but another startes next week. I invite everyone who participated here and everyone else to come and participate in STGJ 5 which I will make a page for soon.

Now, the video. The 5 people who submitted a game, It would be good if you can email me on whether you would like to create a short video on your game. More details of that are on another thread, and on this game jam page. If you don't want to participate in that, I will just put a few screenshots of your game in the video, however having a small trailer or a commentary video, would be ideal, for showing off your game. Hope to hear from you all soon.  I would like to upload the main video, before the next game jam starts, so that gives you a few days tolet me know and make you video. Also if you do make the video, you can use dropbox or anything else to send me the clips, we'll discuss it via email.


Only 30 minutes left to submit your game, make sure you have time!!

1 hour left! You should be getting ready to submit your game.

I haven't had a chance to try any of the games yet, i'm sure they're great, i'll try them in the morning. For everyone else, there's only 2 MORE HOURS!!! to add any finishing touches and submit your game.

Only 7 Hours to go, How's everyone going?

less than 12 hours left!!

Only 24 Hours to Go!!

That's great, keep going. We're almost half way through the Jam!

Good to hear it's coming along, and no i'm not making a game this time, but possibly in the next one :)

The first 24 hours is almost up. How is everyones games coming along?

Great to Hear, Good Luck!

The Theme is Undead. Due to it being that time of the year, I thought something Halloween based would be good, and your goal being to make a "Survival" game, the theme Undead, could be interesting. This is however a very broad theme and allows you to make really anything you want, which won't always be the case for this jam, but being the first one in a while I thought it would be good to start with something like this.

The Theme is now on the Game Jam page.

I saw some people talking about it in the comments, and would like to mention that teams on any size are allowed in this jam, the main goal is to have fun.

In case you missed it please go to this thread, read it and vote on the poll, it would be very helpful to hear your thoughts -

As many of you know there is a YouTube channel for STGJ. On this channel I want to have atleast one video for each game jam showing off all the games submitted. Here is a Poll on how the videos should be made, if at all.

1st option - Means No videos will be made and YouTube Channel probably won't be used.

2nd option - Everyone who submits a game, if possible, will make a short video around 5 minutes. This can be a game trailer or a commentary where you discuss your game. You will then send it to me via email or dropbox, and i'll edit it into a long video, which i'll post to YouTube.

3rd option - I will try to find someone willing to make a video where they play every game submitted, with commentary. They will then send me everything they recorded and i'll edit it into a video.

STGJ YouTube Channel:

2D or 3D it's up to you, and of course you can keep developing it after the jam is over.

That's great to hear, will definetely try to keep this weekly from now on.

the original idea that's on the game jam page? Where everyone can make a video on their game if they want and send it to me? I think that would be best if enough people did it. We'll have to wait until more people join this jam, so I can see who's interested in doing it. Maybe i'll do a poll.