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Progress isn't as fast as I'd like, but I'm still on track to release a stable equivalent to the currently available build. I'll be making a dev log on the 1st which will cover everything.

I'm so glad to hear that! I originally started developing Tiny Dino because I couldn't find a virtual pet that I enjoyed. So I chose to make it myself!

The price won't be changing. Once the game is close enough to completion I'll be releasing it on steam, which will allow me the ability to localize the price for different regions. I want to make sure my games can reach as large an audience as possible, so keeping the price affordable is one of my top goals.

Although, I will probably be putting Tiny Dino on sale for a short time when the new version releases. So keep an eye out for that one. 

Hello! Thank you so much for your purchase!

Most features in the that beta version are very buggy and don't quite work very well. Tiny Dino was my first big project and I wasn't as experienced as I am now when I released that version. I have been working on rebuilding the game from the ground up to fix most of the problems with the old build and get it ready for a brand new Beta build by the end of May.

The feeding not working is actually something I had not encountered before, but hopefully will not show up in the next build.

I'm so glad you are enjoying it so far and hope you'll enjoy the next build just as much if not more!

This is using GameMaker Studio 1.x

While the editor does have a play mode it's not quite the public demo I was hoping to release, but thanks!
The Pink Bubble team is working really hard to make this game the best it can be.

If you're playing on PC the shortcut is Tab

Thanks! Things are really starting to pick up, so I'm excited to show some new content for the game soon. :3

A new version has been uploaded. You can download it and try it out.

It's got more of the dialogue in place, but it's still not everything. Also it crashes on the last line. lol xD

lol, thanks! xb
Everything is really coming together.

Yes. Once enough of the game is complete, versions for Linux, Mac, Android and iOS will be available.

Thanks bro! :3

Do you love dinosaurs? Then you'll totally love my new game...

The new virtual pet game designed to look like it was made in 1992!

Like in all virtual pet games, you must take care of your pet through feeding it, cleaning it, playing with it and keeping it healthy.
But Tiny Dino is more than your average virtual pet.

Tiny Dino allows you to fully customize your dino and it's surroundings with backdrops, homes, toys, cloths and more!
Give your dino a unique style that you can show off to all your friends! Hit the arcade and get the high score on your favourite games and show the world who's boss on the online leader boards! Raise your dino and have it lay eggs to keep for your own, or put them into the adoption center!

So grab and egg, name it and get ready for a virtual pet like you've never seen!

**Tiny Dino is currently in Beta, Some features may not be fully functional or implemented.
A Windows version is currently the only option. But Mac, Linux and Mobile versions will be available once the game hits a final release.