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Haha! Don't worry. LawVacado will be completed and will be a full game with multiple cases to go through. ;b

Thanks! This is really good advice, and I'll be sure to take it to heart as the development of LawVacado continues. I'm glad you enjoyed what there is so far, and hope you keep a watch on it's progress as it get's closer to a complete game. With the help of the rest of Team Mighty Sausage, I'm sure we can create something absolutely amazing, fun and exciting to play.

Thanks for playing!


Yeah, I might still put one last little update in before Charlmes plays it, if I can get this little bit of code working correctly.
If I can, it'll have a fully functioning first testimony/cross examination.

But until I know it works, this version is the one to play.

LawVacado is ready for your playing pleasure!

It's just a demo though... :1

See more info here >

Well, the Beta Version 1 is here and ready to play!

While it's not a complete case, and you don't get to do the reall fun stuff, It's all I could get finished for the time being, and I have other projects that need tending too.

So I hope you all enjoy LawVacado as it is right now. And I hope you keep following along as it gets closer and closer to a Version 1.0!

Hit a couple snags, but by tomorrow night a propperly playable version of LawVacado will be uploaded.
You can still download the latest build from the page and test it out, but if you want to get the full experience, you'll have to wait for Beta V1_X.

A bit more time on the delay meter, but by tomorrow afternoon it should be ready for everyone to enjoy.

A new version has been uploaded. You can download it and try it out.

It's got more of the dialogue in place, but it's still not everything. Also it crashes on the last line. lol xD

Propper playable demo case will be available later today. Keep an eye out for the dev log update. ;3

lol, thanks! xb
Everything is really coming together.

Game submitted to the jam page.


I would use them both together

An intensely comedic law based visual novel inspired very heavily by the Ace Attorney games. Starring people who have either food for their heads or animal heads.

It will be very much a good time... Or not, depending on how you play. :U

Yeah, but that takes longer than just slapping something together that looks really bad to begin with.

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Good additions!

I resonate with this choice.

These are pro tips, Thanks!

Art is literally one of my passions, and it's really hard for me to draw bad art. But I'm sure as heck gonna do my best to draw some dank programmer arts and make the theme work.

So don't worry Zodya, You can absolutely take part in this magical journey of a game jam into the depths of very strange artistic things.

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just install a virtual win95 desktop and use the real MSPaint.

Hmmm... I think I might do that, actually.

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() Team Logo

- "SilverBlaze" > Code and Art.
- "Rutto" > Art and Sounds
- "Coolimaxi"> Art and Music
- "Colonel Sandwich" > Music

Game Title: LawVacado
Game Style: Lawyering/Who-dun-it
GameMaker Studio 1.4x.

Oh my god, this game is too much.

That cookie is gonna...


lol. I always do my best to make text as easy to read as I can while keeping an aesthetic with the rest of the content. If it's really needed, I would change the font to something easier to read. But it's good to know you were able to read it. ^^

Yes. Once enough of the game is complete, versions for Linux, Mac, Android and iOS will be available.

Thanks bro! :3

Do you love dinosaurs? Then you'll totally love my new game...

The new virtual pet game designed to look like it was made in 1992!

Like in all virtual pet games, you must take care of your pet through feeding it, cleaning it, playing with it and keeping it healthy.
But Tiny Dino is more than your average virtual pet.

Tiny Dino allows you to fully customize your dino and it's surroundings with backdrops, homes, toys, cloths and more!
Give your dino a unique style that you can show off to all your friends! Hit the arcade and get the high score on your favourite games and show the world who's boss on the online leader boards! Raise your dino and have it lay eggs to keep for your own, or put them into the adoption center!

So grab and egg, name it and get ready for a virtual pet like you've never seen!

**Tiny Dino is currently in Beta, Some features may not be fully functional or implemented.
A Windows version is currently the only option. But Mac, Linux and Mobile versions will be available once the game hits a final release.