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Cool game. Very simple gameplay. The istructions might be improved a bit as I had no idea what I should be doing at first, and still don't know why I'm doing it besides it's fun. However, it is fun in a simple addicting way. Also the health counter blocked my view a few times. Maybe move it out of the way. Good job in general though, it's very smooth.

Neat quick game. I like it. Thanks for making it.

Cool game. I love the visuals, but definitely > 84x48 resolution.

I love it. Simple concept but you can do a lot with it. Well done!

Nice little game once you figure it out.

Gratz on #1! You definitely deserved it!

I dabbed when I should have yeeted :(

Nice little runner. It starts a little slow, but when it gets up to speed, it's a good challenge.

Thank you! I actually only learned about this game jam about 48 hours before the deadline. I've never even heard of game jams before, much less made a game. I picked up the temporary license of GameMaker Studio and obsessively started figuring everything out. Most of the time was spent on the basic mechanics of the game (alerts, killing, failure, success, the little icons in the top corner). I'd say in total I spent maybe 6 hours on the graphics and maybe 20 hours on everything else. All in all I'm very happy with how this came out, given the circumstances.

I would have liked to have made at least two more levels, with some increased problem-solving required. I have so many ideas of what I can do with a 1-bit stealth game. But unfortunately I didn't have enough time.

I decided I'm going to try to do a larger version of this, as if it was played on the SNES. I like imagining what would have been possible on the SNES if they tried to make a game with a 2-bit pallete, vs 15-bit RGB. Imagine how much more data you could cram in, how much processing time would be saved ,etc. You can see that here:

Anyway, thank you for playing!


Impressive work, Josh. I think what would have worked best is if it didn't render far-away textures. I can tell what's happening close up, but far away, all the textures wash together into a blur. Anyway, well done regardless.

I'm a little confused, but good work nonetheless.

I love the artwork! I also love how the phone is tilted on its side and you have to use 123, which are oriented correctly in the game menus. I love little details like that. I'm personally not so much into the "dating sim" style of the game, but that's just my taste. Anyway, it looks like you put a lot of work into this. Good work!

Wonderful in many ways. The idea is great, even if it's common. I love the way you consciously teach the player the mechanics as we play. Very thoughtful game design. Also, the sounds hurts my ears, but that's like a real 3310! Well done! My favorite so far.

I really loved this one. Great innovation on classic snake.

I love the "Paper, Please Lite" feel of this game.

I know very little about sound. Anyone willing to help out on the quick?

You can see my current progress here:

I'd basically need the following:

  • A whoosh sound for swinging the scythe.
  • A thud sound for killing someone.
  • An alert sound that will play three times whenever an NPC spots the player.
  • A failure sound when the player doesn't kill an NPC in time (after being spotted). The accompanying animation will be Death dissolving away.
  • Possibly some ominous music to play while nothing else is happening.
  • Possibly a victory noise when the player kills all appropriate NPCs.