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I feel stupid but Idk how to get passed the portal where one pillar is broken.. I've never been good at point-and-click adventure games (edit: bad grammar)

good game bro, nice graphics, nice gameplay :) On the last level I could jump through the wall of the house on the 2nd floor left side as i tried to go up one floor.

Boo! (this might be a good idea tho)

Hey sorry for the no response - I got sick for the period and couldn't do anything. Did you manage to make anything for LD?

Um, hello!

I'm Stefan, I'm a graphics artist from Romania (GMT +2) i love pixel art. I'm fast and I work as a full time freelance artist. I also moonlight as a game designer, and I have a few completed games some of which started off as gamejam entries.

I'd love to work with a experienced programmer on this jam to make something AWESOME!

My website:

My twitter


Some of my games:

Graveyard Goldmine

Mythical Graveyard Uprising

UFO: Blackstorm Shield