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Yeah, I definitely should have made it RB and LB instead. I wanted to have the buttons be the same colors as the blocks, but pressing them together is awkward. Thanks for playing, I liked Doppelganger. 

No, I don't think I'll go back to it. 

Thank you for playing. Can you be more specific as to when those issues happened? I also did not make it clear that using Space when the bar is full freezes time for some seconds, so maybe it's that? 

The only big issue is with the player collisions, they seem broken when jumping on stairs. 

Yeah keep practicing and follow some tutorials at how to make better platformer movement. 

Good game, I just wish the player character was a little faster and less floaty. 

Really cool game, but there are some game breaking bugs. When you open the shop the game can occasionally freeze, also sometimes you can get stuck on the screen edges and you have to restart the game (the screen edges seem bugged in general, movement is slowed down for some reason). Also, prices don't reset when you restart the game, unless you quit the application. 

The only thing I don't like is the controls. It would feel better if you could control the paddle with left and right arrows instead of it moving automatically and you changing the direction.

I don't know the exact route, but I only say 4 shovels in the whole level and at least 6 are required. You start off the level with 0 shovels.

Really fun game. Great presentation too. 

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the second level seems straight up impossible. There just don't appear to be enough shovels in the level.

Cool idea, I like the grappling mechanic. But there are some game breaking bugs that should be easy to fix, like the player not dying when he runs out of health. Also many collision bugs, it's very easy to break a level. But it's a cool concept, you might make something really cool out of this.