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I also want to post a youtube video!


I would say the game is fine for ages 12+. If you're younger, you could always show a video to you parents so they get an idea of what the game is like.

Please stop reposting the same video over and over.

You can get the old helicopter controls back in the options menu, set Helicopter Type to Mouse Roll, and select invert helicopter pitch!

There is no mod support yet, but I want to add that later down the line.

Please stop reposting the same videos over and over.

Most likely because you haven't extracted the .zip file. Look what he does at 2:00 in the video, make sure you move the Ravenfield folder to your desktop.

For people having trouble installing the game, follow this guide by The Hard Croc:


For people getting the "There should be 'ravenfield_Data' folder next to the executable" error on windows:

Make sure you extract the game by dragging the Ravenfield folder from the ravenfield_b4.zip file to somewhere on your computer. Now open your NEW Ravenfield folder and start the .exe file.

That sounds very strange, I haven't heard about anyone else having this problem. I would try running the game in windowed mode and see if that magically fixes it.

I think it's called fire 2

This is a silly bug, the pilot is actually waiting for his AI gunner friend to enter. If you kill the AI gunner that is standing outside the helicopter, the pilot will fly away properly. I'm gonna fix this bug!

Hey everyone! I have set up a discord server where you can chat with me and other community people! I hope to see you guys there! https://discord.gg/xavGMJa


Thanks :).

The AI doesn't really zoom in at the moment. Currently the guns are just as accurate when they are hip fired VS when they are aimed, though I might play around with a bit of spread in the future.

Maybe you can upload it to youtube?

The sniper bullet would drop significantly less, yeah. I'd have to find a nice balance.

Thanks! As you say, some more sniper mechanics would be really interesting. I think I should just increase the projectile speed of the current sniper as it's meant to be a very powerful rifle. The current problem is that it's balanced for Island rather than Dustbowl :).

Thanks for your feedback! I especially like that hovercraft idea, it would be really neat with a map that combines both land and ocean, where the hovercraft would be able to traverse both.

Also, close combat focused maps are definetely planned to make the shotgun and grenades more viable.

It might not really fit the game, but I like weird weapons like that. I'll think about it!

Yo. It's cool that you have tons of feedback about the game, but please write it all in one post to prevent flooding of the comments. You can even edit your existing posts to add new stuff!

If you only see Island in the menu, you need to download the latest Ravenfield version from this page.

I totally agree, which is why there is no mouse acceleration or filtering applied.

There is however V-sync enabled by default on the 3 higher quality settings. I can't say I've noticed the extra delay it may add, so I haven't added an option to disable it yet. You can always force your graphics controller to force disable it until I add a proper ingame option.

I'm also going to make the tracers easier to see in dustbowl.

You need to redownload the game to get Beta 4, then you can select night mode as a checkbox and start either Island or Dustbowl.

Try holding S when starting a level, it will put you in a spectator camera.

At the loadout screen, you equip the night vision in slot 3, 4 or 5. Then you hit the corresponding number key to toggle it ingame.

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Some of you have been experiencing low framerates and general performance issues with Beta 4. I'm still looking into exactly what is causing this, but it's very possible it's due to a bug in the bot spawning code. The bug only triggers if you are inside a vehicle close to your spawn.

FIX: At the start of a game, simply wait until all bots have spawned before entering a vehicle to resolve this problem.

If you are still experiencing performance issues (compared to Beta 3), let me know! I've made the Beta 3 build (which may run better) available for download here: https://steelraven7.itch.io/ravenfield-beta-3-old-game-version

Thanks for the feedback about this issue!

Thanks, this actually cleared it up a bit, I've had reports of lag issues when driving a vehicle very close to the spawn point before the bots actually spawn.

This particular lag issue should only trigger if you get into a vehicle and go in front of (or close to) the spawning bots. If you want to try it, don't get in any vehicle before the bots have spawned and moved. The game should then run normally.

Thanks again for the feedback!

Thanks, are the Beta 4 numbers from daytime Island as well? I'm gonna look into what is causing this.

Is Beta 4 lagging more than Beta 3 when running daytime Island?

Hmm, this shouldn't happen. Are you running the game with the default (50) number of bots when you get low FPS?

What FPS did you get in Beta 3?

Tango down!

Awesome, I'm glad you like it!

Thanks for pointing that out, hopefully itch removes that page soon.

Beta 4 will be out soon. I'm gonna talk more about the full release plans just after the next update is out.


Yeaaaa, I should probably fix that :P

I'm mostly active in this comment section, so maybe you can just post it here?

I agree, it's way more fun to pick out the equipment you actually want.