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How do we delete a line tho? Thanks!


It's press Z and drag towards the same box again.

In that case, how do I get the arrow to branch out into numerous lines?

How many pages is the digital artbook? Thanks!

A workaround I found for now that works well is I make the view far like 1920x1080 when editing the levels, that allows the game to update and the camera to follow the player, but the borders of when the camera starts following the player is not the same afterwards, and that's the issue; when the camera is close enough, the borders work late which keeps the player off screen. Being far away fixes that. I hope this helps until we get an update. Cheers!

I sent you an email with a link to the project, let me know what you find out. Cheers, YAL.

I'll send you the project with names for the objects in an email. Looking forward to hearing from you, YAL!

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Hey YAL,

I currently tried to update the room by adding blocks, and when I save and the room restarts, the blocks are added, but the camera no longer follows the player or the object its supposed to follow. 

It starts going towards the player but stops right it gets him inside the view, and when I press the jump button, the camera jumps with the player and prevents the player from entering the view, and it will move horizontally with the player when he reaches the edge and is almost about to exit the view. So basically, the camera doesn't allow the player to be inside the view vertically, and whenever I move left and right, it starts moving just as the player is about to be completely outside the view.

I tried adding the 'if (live_call()) return live_result;' in the create and step events of the camera and the objects its supposed to follow, but it doesn't work still.

The room updates, but the camera is completely busted. Can you please inform me how to fix this issue, I'm at an important stage where tweaking levels has be closing and restarting the build every few seconds and this fix would lower work time on these things significantly.

Cheers YAL.

EDIT: While experimenting, I changed the width and height of the camera from 640 x 360 to 1920 x 1080, and I can say that it definitely doesn't work as expected. Basically, at 1920x1080 the camera starts moving when the player is nearing the middle of the screen, but after reloading the room after editing it, the camera starts moving a good distance before the player reaches the mid point of the view. Any idea why this is happening?

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- Yeah, I'm gonna have to agree, it actually makes things a bit more confusing now that my own functions match the colors of the built in ones without a way of editing them. I was lucky enough that I changed my coding style to camelCase specifically to make sure my code is differently written from GML to make things easier to spot for this project.

- Gotcha! Not the same thing.

- So THAT's what those are! I was VERY curious why suddenly half the objects in the game got orange dots on them all of a sudden. That's a pretty awesome touch, I must say.

Quick question; does having the if (live_call()) return live_result; line in create and step and draw at the same time cause any issues to an object updating code on the fly? My character gladly updates my code in the draw event, but has recently not been updating on the fly in the step event when I change simple variables such as the jump variable. Could it be that I have the code written in a script and placed in the step event?

Done!  I've been able to change almost every thing to resemble its GMS2.3 counterpart. This topic is considered solved. Thank you so much for your patience, YAL!

Which brings me to the last one; since 2.3 came out, we now have our scripts and our functions being colored differently. Essentially, our custom made functions are colored as the built in functions, whereas the script is its own color. Is there a way to do that in GMEdit as well, or is that too much of a hassle to recode that one color change that came in the new version of 2.3?

And this has nothing to do with the topic at hand, but how do I use GMLive with GMEdit? Is there a link you could direct me to so I can dabble with it? Using the switch to GMLive.js prevents me from accessing Edit, so I'm not sure if that's it because I can't access any of my code.

Thanks for the help, YAL!

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Jesus Canadian Christ! It finally worked for the backgrounds!!!

Okay, so after doing what you told me, I got it to work but it wouldn't save and would reset when I closed it, so I just opened the Sources tab after changing the colors and copying the code and pasting it into the .css file and it worked.

document.querySelectorAll(`#main .ace_content`)

was helpful with editing the program colors (body, header, scroll bar, etc.), but I can't seem to find results that point me towards editing local variables, strings, functions, and so on. Any further step (or different one) you can give me? I'm finally so close to the finish line with this!

Edit: I forgot to mention, I typed aceEditor.debugShowToken() in the Console tab and it didn't yield any results for me (says undefined).

Thanks YAL, this was really helpful. I understand YT vids are a hassle to make, so I would highly encourage you to make a text based tutorial with GIFs whenever your busy schedule allows it, as a lot of people would get overwhelmed in this easily. After a few weeks I'm still not done editing the whole layout on my end.

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The editor is really a joy to work with, I do wish there was a short tutorial on your YouTube channel to show how to import fonts and change the theme to match our own version of GameMaker's text colors, fonts, and skin to ease transition into it.

Edit: I've been trying to edit my theme.css file to change the font, but to no avail.

#main.ace_content {

    font-family:'Final Fantasy 3/6 Font'; 

    font-weight: bold;


I also tried font-family: 'Gill Sans', 'Gill Sans MT', Calibri, 'Trebuchet MS', sans-serif;    but that didn't work either

Also, how can I change the color of the background? It's either dark of light (white), and what I'm basically trying to do is to get it to have the same tint as the latest version of GMS2.3 (its a bit grey at #f2f2f2), but I can't figure out which #main.ace-tm command does that. 

Is there a documentation to refer for all the #main lines that I can use to edit the text to my liking?

Thank you for your time, YAL.

Edit: to anyone struggling with the font change, it doesn't work with anything that is not monospace from what I can tell. I was able to change it into some weird fonts as long as they are evenly spaces, but anything else won't work. Hope this helps. Now I just need to figure out the background change color code. 

Hey YAL,

Sent you an email yesterday with the code and asking your advice regarding which approach I should consider for my project as well. Looking forward to your reply.


Hey YAL, I can update objects in the room, but when my camera starts its dead in its tracks instead of moving towards and locking on to the player. Why would that be a thing?

define file name entry filled? I'm on Win 10

Hey Jon,

Yeah, I completely understand you being busy this month, its that time of year man, so enjoy yourself!

That fix sounds great, go for it. As for the issue, I just choose the colors, add them, and then try to save after naming them and the message pops up. I haven't done anything of an elaborate nature at all to be honest.

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Hey Jon, I'm trying to save the color group, but it says '' attempt to index a nil value (local file)", how do I fix that?

Thanks for the script, its really good and I hope to fix it soon!

Also, I use Aseprite with 300% scaling, and in that scenario it becomes impossible to close the color groups, so I have shrink to 200% to be able to rescale it again, any chance you can resize the window so I can have the close button in the view? Maybe a button to add and remove color groups and have the box shrink accordingly, preferably downwards to have the close button always inside the window.

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Fast-paced dual-stick shooter for those who need a rush of adrenaline injected into them.

Download the demo here:

If you can provide feedback and opinions on the game, that would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers everyone,