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no probs!

no prob, good luck with your game!

there’s a free behavior plugin you can get called “FSM”. Use this to change states and then have the animations activate on the “->on state change to ___” condition. 

it’s constantly playing the animation from the beginning. Add a condition “if not playing animation ____”

I have also tried to artificially fix it by adding a plane to the model way out of sight to increase the bounding box, the models sill go past the bounding box, which causes the clipping issu

I've tried using the update bounding box action, doesn't seem to do anything, the center with x/y action would have to be manually done for every model (everything seems to be off center from the bounding box) and I've reloaded the project multiple times and made sure that it's on the latest update.  I even re-exported the model to have it's geometry to the origin, still is off center.

I've been having some clipping issues where the models position doesn't match the bounding box which causes objects to disappear during gameplay.  

I can't scale the bounding box to include the model anymore so I'm wondering if there is a way to fix this that I'm just missing.

Hey I noticed when switching to the new "regular" z axis scale in the latest update, it shrinks the models on the z scale. It's easy to fix during runtime with the "Set  Zheight" action but it makes things hard to adjust while in the editor. Idk if I'm doing something wrong or if it was an oversight.

was having the same issue but this fixed it! thanks!

probably make adding hitboxes easier as well

Yea, like if I want the relative position/rotation of like the head bone or hand bone. That way I could track an object on to it, like a helmet or a baseball.

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Can I request more expressions and conditions like what the current frame is and get the position data of a specific bone?


If I can add a suggestion, Can you make it possible to change the model using a string?

hey i cant access funkyquadz, it says i need a passwor

That fixed it! Thanks!


Construct keeps crashing after rotating and reloading the project. Also the model doesn't appear in the viewport.  

Hey is this still available for download? I can't seem to find the download link.