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oughhhhh this is stunning. all of it– words, imagery, palette; it all just blends together to make something beautiful <3

oh this is gorgeous!!!! super intrigued to see where it goes 👀


thank you so much!!! every glad it resonated with you <3

most of it is fictional so don't worry!!! there's def little bits i stole from my life but yeah no i am as fine as anyone can be these days lol

oh, this one hit hard. gorgeous writing and visuals, just such a solid little package, thank you for sharing it <3

thank you so much!!! it was a course assignment so we only had two weeks to put it together– maybe some day we'll be able to expand it!

NEERIE AND ZEPHYR WOOOOOOOO man love these two and this whole thing is so simple but effective i really love it

man okay. i loved this fic when it was first posted but the way it's formatted here together with colours and everything– it's really just such a treat i love it

ooooooo the use of game logs is just so effective here– i really love the minimal use of text actually?? all around just really effective and concise storytelling, i think.

ohhhh this was such a cute little zine, and i loved the insights to some of your designs!!! very fun to read through.

this was so fun!!! the combo turned out so well and i loved looking through all the art.

what a damn cool concept and execution love me some fungits moments

MAN OKAY. first off incredibly cohesive as story, which should not be surprising given the writers, but impressive nonetheless. what really stands out to me here, though, is percy's slow but steady journey in figuring all of this out– the amount of emotion baked into the whole thing is really something.

zine of all time, truly. i know i've talked to you about how much this zine hits, but boy it really does!!! your art is stunning as always but is really elevated by the text and it really all combines to create a work that i will be thinking about for a long long time.

KCCCCCCC this really is such a stunning zine. the bare bones facts combined with the art combined with just everything really paints such an incredible picture of the jazz hands history and it was such a joy to read, honestly.

i'm still baffled by how well this came together honestly, and it was so much fun to do!!! love the dale baby!!!

this was so fun!!!! the randy interview made me laugh very much, the triptych hit hard, especially the dix section, and i always love some nicmargo!!! just a joy all around, really!!!

ohhhhhh this was just such a gorgeous piece. the art is so stunning and combined with the layout it really tells such an effective story.

THIS WAS SO DAMN CUTE!!! just an absolute genuine delight all around wow

said this before but i really can't think of a more emblematic example of blaseball fanwork??? like. just the nature of being inspired by each others works in this way– idk there's something so lovely and special about this and i'm so glad i got to be a part of it yk???

waaaaa okay death in blaseball is something i think about a lot and this was such an interesting perspective on it!!! love all the art as well– this felt as open as it did personal and was a joy to look through.

man. man!!! i've loved sister lenny for a long time, but this really brings her whole expansion to light in such a new heartbreaking way. what a joy it was to sit back and watch it unfold!

nel. nel. nel butchcats. i am shaking you.

the relationship between these two is so special, genuinely, and this zine manages to capture that with succinctness and heart and so much more. i don't think i have the words to properly describe how this zine made me feel, but let me say this: it's really such a beautiful, special, important piece of art, and i'm so glad you chose to share it with all of us. thank you, and incredible job.

this was such a fun and cute little zine!! thoroughly enjoyable.

this was absolutely breathtaking!

aaaaa this was so simple and elegant in it's storytelling but really hit me! the weeds were such a great addition.