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Everything works now to my mac!

It was either installing the latest Catalina update (10.15.1 I think) or deleting all old versions (demo & full) of FPV Freerider and then just installing the latest one that made the trick!

Thank you very much 😄😄

Thank you very much, I already contacted you via mail. 😄

Ok, any chance to have access to the first version with the racetrack so at least I can try it and see if it works?

All the other methods you posted unfortunately don't work on Catalina for me ☹️☹️

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Hello there,

No it doesn't have the racetrack generator icon. Unfortunately I don't have the zip file so we can see the release date :(

From the first time I had the problem with the unzip so I always extract it in ubuntu and then copy it to my mac.

Does it help if I go to Applications and press Show Package Contents for FPV Freerider app? 

Maybe some config files I can see there to find the version?

I think somewhere you must put a version number in the simulator for future reference... :)

I attached a screenshot of the info screen maybe it helps you... Maybe the copyright that it says 2015-2017 but it's must newer than that...

Thanks for replying, I think is a major issue the last mac upgrade that crashed our favorite simulator... :(


I also attached a picture from Custom Settings maybe that helps to recognise the version...

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Hello there,

as its mentioned again here, the latest mac osx upgrade broke the simulator.

On an other mac though, I had an older (not very old, but not the last one) version of the simulator and its working great on 10.15. I copied on my main mac (that stopped working after the upgrade and its working great there too!

The thing is I don't know which version/build of the game I have and it is working so somehow we can have a temporary fix for everybody who upgraded their mac to the last version... I tried the info tab but I can't see the version...

FYI none of those methods worked for me, just the old version that I had on my other mac :)

I hope we can find a way to help everybody that they broke their favourite fpv simulator!!!