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I am so so so sorry

20p?! I’M RICH!

Too kind!!

Thanks :)

Hiya! I don't have the ability to do that just at the moment, but I have done a web version if that helps: Not sure it's worth downloading anyway haha

Oh hey how marvellous! Thank you so much :D

Oh hey thanks for this!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

Probably not going to have time to do a mac build of this any time soon but there's a web version up if you look in the Ludum Dare submission page!

Absolutely no idea! Hope it gets you a few more views on your channel though!!!

Oh wow thanks for letting me know about this! Yes I'd forgotten to tick the 'windows' button so I guess that stopped it from being downloadable in the itch app. SHOULD be fixed now. THANK YOU!!!!

Hey thank you so much! I'm glad you liked the ending too :)

Hi Dazovide, there's good news and bad news. The bad news is that the version has been taken down (the pictures of Andre the Giant and Terry Wogan are copyright infringing). The good news is that a full version of this game will be released on Steam soon. There should be a free demo that's similar to this version of the game available at that time too.

Thanks :)

Phew. Have now rated ALL the games. This was the last, and I think I spent more time playing this than any of the others. I just found it really relaxing just sitting there watching the little people just quietly making stuff. I can see how this game could be developed into something a bit more challenging but for now it's just lovely. Thanks for making it!

Neat. Obviously a complete stealth game. Like with that Dead Center game though it would be nice if there was some sort of.. dunno.. specific gameplay mechanic that you could only do because you're in VR or something, but honestly I have no idea what that might be! I enjoyed the room you made for it, too. Thanks for making this! :)

Really nice to see this sort of game in the jam, definitely minimalist in terms of looks but the crafting stuff was cool. THanks for making this :)

This really got me interested but I only made it past the first level. I didn't understand how the walking worked or where I was supposed to walk to. There was some big white box in the distance but it would have taken me quite a while to get there (the way I was walking anyway)... still nice to see some real experimentation. The scale thing is really interesting! Thanks for making it :)

This was lovely, wonderful art, great tunes and genuinely seemed to fit the theme :P When it was 'game over' I didn't really understand why though, and I didn't really want to smite anyone, couldn't see a reason to... I must have missed something! Thanks for making it :)

I should have listened. I couldn't handle that. Tried the climbing thing, fell off, thought I was going to die. Ripped the headset off in terror :P Thanks for making it.. oh my god.

So I burnt the trees and found 4 of the stars, nothing seemed to happen, couldn't interact with the stars so I'm assuming this was mostly just about mood which was quite nice. It was a very strange and neat place to be for a few minutes there, very chilled :)

Yeah this was really cool. SO SHORT THOUGH which is a shame, I could have played this for a while!! Did you make all the assets yourself? Really nice game, thanks for making it.

Wow, this was lovely. I enjoyed crawling around this tiny model trying to find all the buttons and figuring it out. A genuine and sincere joy and I would love to see more.

THanks for making this!

Took me a little while to get used to the controls, and it's *really* not my sort of game at all but this seemed to work really well. Great use of the assets you had. Feels like some sort of ambient light would have felt a bit more realistic, if you were going to develop it further! Thanks for making this :)

Well, all I can say is that I loved being inside this game and ragdoll cows are "dope", so yeah. Thanks for making it. It was fun.

You know I actually had a go at making a game like this myself a few months ago, nice to see a more complete version! Okay so things that I felt could have been improved: The missiles just seem really small to me which made them really difficult to see. Also the grab to move mechanic made me quite ill so I couldn't use it. Sorry :)

Things that were good: This is fun, I love the extendo thing for the controllers, aiming was nice and easy.

I think the basic idea of missile command in vr is really good. I just wonder if it really needs adapting a bit (a different setting that allows for a more VR friendly scale or something).

Thanks for making this!

I thought we had at least another 24 hours. :S

Yeah I'm enjoying your infectious enthusiasm too, XanderHD :)

Well I've taken six months off from paid work to make VR games so I guess I literally have nothing better to do right now :)

AND DONE. Thank you for all your games. What a ride. :)

I've just spent 7 days working between 12 and 16 hours a day on my entry so I'm going to crash for a couple of days now and then get stuck in playing and rating everyone's games when I can stand up without feeling like I want to die.

Congrats to everyone else who finished, and thanks and congrats to nvmsocool for sorting out the jam and making it actually happen!