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I'm not addicted you're addicted ! Right, I admit that's probably one of the games I spent the most time playing. 

Ha ha thanks a lot, I should have put more characters like that in the game

wow thanks a lot !!! And yeah completely agree with you there's definitely some work to do to diversify the enemies a bit more

OMG that's awesome !!! It starts ok with just the normal bricks and then all all the sudden Oh that's new, oh what is that, Oh S*** !!! Ahhhh :D

I want to play again just one more time, this is so addictive

thanks a bunch 🙂

thanks a lot! 

omg I forgot highscores !!! Tbh I considered that at some point but the resolution limitation make it harder to display besides everything else. But this could also be shown once you complete a level though now I think about it. Thanks for the feedback 

thanks a bunch :)

man that's tough !!! Pretty good experience overall though, good job

Feels really nice, you should continue developing this further :)

Thanks a bunch, kinda like this approach as well, makes me want to push the concept further more

glad you liked it, looking forward your own shmup then :)

Good point, I should at least make it more obvious but that's a good suggestion yes, thanks you for that

Oh no which browser are you using ? I remember hearing about Godot having issues with Safari I believe, is that it ?

nice new take on breakout, and so pretty as well

Good job replicating the essence of vampire survivor with such limitations. Very addictive

very nice atmosphere on this one, peaceful and yet deadly, as space should be :P

simple yet super effective !!!

thanks a bunch, glad to hear that. I'm at a point where I can only see the problems and improvements to make 😄

Thanks a lot


I'm still unsure about the solution I currently have but in a nutshell:

  • I've got a level scene for each difficulty tier
  • The level is separate in screen sized sections containing a list of enemy patterns to randomly choose from. You can also have several at once.


• easy to setup and change

• you can somewhat tailor the level a bit better and avoid things that feels way too random


• gives too random results anyway, sometimes ending sending all the hardest choices all at once, making it hard to properly balance 

There might be better ways to set this up I guess:

  • Picking from a "deck" of options to avoid repetition 
  • Favoring next / parallel options that fits well together 
  • Assigning a score to each pattern to make sure to keep the difficulty balanced
  • Etc...

At least that's a few things I can think of about this particular case but it eventually all comes down to the experience you want to achieve. 

thanks a lot

ha ha thanks, wasn't easy to fit everything in there I must say 😄

thanks, I was also not sure about loosing upgrades on damage to be honest. In one hand it goes well with the shmup tropes but not with the roguelike ones...

I also agree with the lack of different paths, if you look at other games with this kind of system, like slay the spire of course, there are way more "columns" to choose from. I was limited by the 64 pixels constraint on that. I had 3 columns at first and came to the same conclusion, 4 feels only a tiny bit better but is still limited. 

thanks, I also noticed the freeze when the level starts but couldn't figure it out before the deadline. It only happens with the web export though...

thanks. I kinda pick a few different palettes and choose some colors from them making sure they fit well together. But the main ideas were vivid colors with a contrast between purple for the player and green for the baddies.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Yeah this game needs a bit of balancing (can you tell I barely playtest this ? :P). I actually had the same problem with the boomers just killing the whole room, wanted to tone down friendly fire a bit but it was already too late :/ (another one for the post jam bucket)

wow this is fantastic !!! The base idea is simple, like a rock paper scissors but then the way you expanded it with the different options you can buy is just perfect. The overall look and feel and the music and sounds, everything fits perfectly together. Awesome job !!!

Thanks a lot, and I thought the UI was a bit lacking, glad to hear it's not that bad :D 

I had an idea about showing up enemies intent but had to cut corners eventually to finish up in time, I guess I should try to make a post jam version of sort

Thanks a lot for you feedback !!!

I haven't take the time to properly balanced the game unfortunately so you end up with really different difficulty levels randomly for now. And same sounds couldn't make it in time for this jam :/

Wow that's really great !!! Interesting take on the "crypt of the necrodancer" genre (if that's a thing now :P)

Thanks a lot for your feedback. We'll try to make a post jam version soonish, and then maybe find some time to extend it :)

Glad you managed to reach the end, from what I've been that was not an easy task. Thanks a lot for your feedback :)

Oh my god sorry about that, yeah I guess it goes a bit too quick from relaxed to WTF I'm so dead :D

Need to work a bit on making this a wee bit more gradual at least

Oh I'm sorry to hear that, I hope it'll get better over time :D

Yeah I need to explore more on the level design side to get something more enjoyable at a more manageable pace

Thanks a lot :)

Thanks, and yeah good point, I'm more and more thinking having a tutorial as a separate level free of tension (and imminent death ) might be beneficial, what do you think ?

Thanks a lot, we'll try to fix this issue in the post jam version (coming up soonish hopefully)

Wow thanks a lot always nice to be compared to one of my favorite art styles in games :)

thanks a lot, now that the jam is finished we'll try to make a post jam version at least to first fix the many problems you guys encountered and then maybe later try to extend it a bit :)