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Hey, Thanks a lot for that! I saw what I did wrong from looking at your video actually, it wasn't very clear that you could attack the opponent directly and not just their creatures. That's precious feedback for me right there :) (if I ever have time to make a post jam version of this though :P)

Hmm good to know about the Opera issue, I'll see what I can do.

Yeah if you played TCG before it pretty much follows the standard hearthstone established regarding UX (just need to add the drag&drop to play and target though)

And yeah I'll try to continue working on this one, there's so many things that could be done with this :)

Thanks a lot I'm glad it somehow worked in this format :)

Thanks a lot. Yeah you're right about the AI, that's something I noticed when there was only a couple of hours left and I couldn't find the time to fix it unfortunately. I've got ideas to build a better AI but it'll require a lot of refactoring I'm afraid. Now I need to make a post jam version I guess :D

Thanks a lot. Yeah I'm glad I managed to pack all of that in that resolution, that was a really fun challenge :) The cards feel a bit random right now, it would be nice to add multiple decks with stronger theme each.

Thanks a lot. Actually I had a similar prototype I made before, so even if I ended up redoing the whole thing I had a pretty good idea where to start, which really speed up the process

Thanks, actually the player and the AI have a copy of the same deck, they don't share it, but that's also a good idea to explore indeed

thanks a lot :)

Ha ha thanks, actually I managed to update the AI so it takes less random decision :)

Thanks a lot for the review :)

Thanks for the feedback :)

Oh shoot I think I saw this bug at some point and thought it was fixed by now. The gun should move a bit but not float away completely. I'll try to make a fix for that then :)

Let's try something weird :)

# 1 <tbc> What's next?

Wow awesome thanks a lot :)

oh ? thanks for the feedback I'll check that bug, I never end up with this one so it might happen only sometimes

Hey sorry for the wait, I made a new version for this although I have no way to test on other machine right now I'm afraid... A bit too late to the party I guess :P

Hmm ok thanks for the feedback, I never used pyinstaller before so I might have forgot something. I just updated the Zip file with the full non compressed version I hope it'll work better this time hopefully.

Ah ah thanks. Well the timer was part of the game jam theme when I made that one but yeah I realized the game play could probably be better without it, or maybe using time but differently... I should probably reuse this concept some other time :)

Eh eh thanks, no sense at all ^^