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Progress is still being made :)

Same Issue!


A picture of one of the new locations. This is before NPCs and other objects are added. 

The new zone will be called Callik's Cove and it'll have a mini boss fight in it.

:) will be out sometime in February or the month after. I took some time off to get back into the mood of developing the game without getting burnt out. Since the game doesn't have many followers or people who, as far as I know, have interest in the game I don't feel rushed to develop it. I doubt many people will read this but if you do, I'd rather take my time and make the game fun and well-thought out instead of rushed and half assed. Sorry for the delay.

And the version is out! :)

Here is a hint at what the next update will contain :)

Hidden Kingdom community · Created a new topic Update Map
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This post is to describe how the game updates will work.

The current game version [as of this post] is

Every update will add 1 to the last number. So the next update will be


Sometime in January or February.


Crafting. It's going to be bringing crafting into the game. :)

It'll also be adding new zones, quests, spells, and so on. The main focus of this update though is crafting.

Each update will be themed around a certain thing. Such as zone expansion, class updates, bug fixing, or just a bunch of stuff all put together. 

Every update comes with a new title screen to show the new version.

As I develop the game I'll need some help from the community to report bugs and grammar issues to me. I've got a few testers who are helping me with this, but they can't catch everything. If you find a bug or grammar issue please post it here [a screenshot would be nice] and I will reply to it with a "fixed for next version". As most issues that come up I can find a solution to solve. 

No one likes a buggy game!

Bugs that I know about will be posted in the game's description.

If you have suggestions, feel free to post them here as well.

The game is early in it's development, so adding stuff that people suggest is easy at this point.

Next update will change how Daylight Village and Sky's Passing look even more.

I'm working on adding a new dungeon in as well. 

I just restarted the game. I made use the SKIP button to get caught up, so it's all good.

Thanks for the quick response and help <3

Oh and if I click ROLLBACK more then twice the game crashes

RockRobin community · Created a new topic Stuck
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I went to the band opinion page [I think it's called] with the forum set up. 

Everytime I go to the screen I get an error. I, like an idiot, accidentally saved my game on this screen trying to load my other save.

The single chart shows 4 songs with the 5th one missing. There is no top album chart and there is no back button. I just get an error message every time I click something.

Is there a way to force the game to go back to a different screen or am I screwed and have to restart? :'(


RockRobin community · Created a new topic Perfect

This game should be on steam, it's amazing.

I'm kind of sad the last update was a year ago though. Other then that, it's amazing :)