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Really nice looking, but performance was a problem (Linux). On my 1650Ti with a Ryzen 5 it really struggled at medium settings, about 23-25fps. Managed to get it to go to 50fps, but it made the GPU and CPU whine with the load.

Any possibility of a Linux build?

Any chance of a Linux download too, Mr J?

It works as expected.

Godot, I see… Any chance of Linux builds?

I take it the floating penis in front of the female character is not supposed to happen… this is the Linux demo.

Knowing what the controls are would be very helpful.

Any chance of a Linux build, please?

Nice touch with the buttons.

It was fun to watch you make it, too.

I’m not sure how old this particular sentence is, nor am I sure which platform(s) it may apply to, but here (running Ubuntu Linux 21.10), and Firefox 111.0.1, Lucid Creations runs without a problem.

I have an Nvidia 1650Ti card, if that also may make any difference.

I am unable to get and Patreon to connect accounts. I have deleted cookies, I have tried different browsers, I have tried privacy mode. But whenever I try to get Patreon to authorise itch, it comes up with the following: failed api request GET oauth2/api/current_user 401: {“errors”:[{“code”:1,“code_name”:“Unauthorized”,“detail”:“The server could not verify that you are authorized to access the URL requested. You either supplied the wrong credentials (e.g. a bad password), or your browser doesn’t understand how to supply the credentials required.”,“id”:“2466a514-05f3-5a81-bc36-7b7b3ee51d1a”,“status”:“401”,“title”:“Unauthorized”}]}

Checked out Escoria at all?

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Might be worth making a .zip file for the Linux version with the LÖVE 11.x AppImage. Makes it so much simpler that way (don’t need to worry about future versions and lack of backwards compatibility).

Do whatever works for you, take as long as you need to.

Fun little game! Those side-effects can be pretty interesting.

Using Dialogic?

Running the game from the terminal, on Linux at least, reveals the answers for the levels as debug text.

Ah, LOVE… too bad about its backwards compatibility or lack thereof.

Very interesting, and I have some definitely mixed feelings about the themes brought up in this little piece. Uncomfortable, to be honest, considering my own actions in the past. Would be interesting to see where this could go from here.

Could be worth updating this to the latest beta.

Works perfectly under Ubuntu Linux.

Really nice work with the stage introductions, too. Feels nicely polished!

What’d make it easier is if the mouse wheel would scroll with usable items, too, not just weaponry.

Getting some issues on the second level. How do I bug the meeting room and car?

Works just as expected. Thank you!

Any possibility of a Linux build?

Always good to see more Godot games out there. Keep it up!

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Not often games like this made in Godot show up. Nice work.

Any plans for further expansion?

Downloads for Windows and Linux aren’t working, because you’ve not included the game’s .pck files.

This is Ren’Py.

Any possibility of a Linux build?

With the project .zip, you don’t need the .import/ directory, it pretty much halves the size of the .zip file. You may also want to consider renaming the Deprecated/ directory, or at least only have things in there that are genuinely not used by the template.

The Linux download is wrong - it's just the binary.

Not sure you've packaged the Linux version correctly. It needs to be the executable + .pck file, at the mo the .zip file appears to be the compiled contents of the game.

Movement controls are reversed on Firefox/Linux.

Cake hat... cheese hat... but no cheesecake hat?

Main menu items certainly. The radial menu could do with them, too.

Explaining the difference between background and interstitial music might be helpful here, too.

How many assets were re-used in Hive Time?