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This is Ren’Py.

I’ve had that issue with a few plugins. Used to plague Dialogic. Did you try restarting the editor after adding the plugin?

Written documentation would be nice, please.

Any possibility of a Linux build?

With the project .zip, you don’t need the .import/ directory, it pretty much halves the size of the .zip file. You may also want to consider renaming the Deprecated/ directory, or at least only have things in there that are genuinely not used by the template.

The Linux download is wrong - it's just the binary.

Not sure you've packaged the Linux version correctly. It needs to be the executable + .pck file, at the mo the .zip file appears to be the compiled contents of the game.

Movement controls are reversed on Firefox/Linux.

Cake hat... cheese hat... but no cheesecake hat?

Main menu items certainly. The radial menu could do with them, too.

Explaining the difference between background and interstitial music might be helpful here, too.

How many assets were re-used in Hive Time?

Any chance of tooltips for some of the options in the menus? Also, any chance of a manual for covering things such as custom music?

Any updated links?

If you installed the export templates, you do not need a Linux machine to build executables for it.

Linux build, please?

Downloading this to take a look. Always enjoyed Might and Maggic!

Does the source code require 2.2/3.0 to compile?