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I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!

Yeah I ran out of dev time to code better AI, but this will be fixed in an update in the coming weeks!

Thank you!!

Thank you!

I actually just took a close up screenshot of a die model in game against a flat green background, then Photoshopped in the text and space bg!

This is ADORABLE. Instant favorite!!

Done! I totally thought the web player let you download it oops.

Very fun and wild, really enjoyed this one!

Extremely fun and goofy!

I can't figure out what the large square icons over some big flies mean though.

Very fun! makes me wish I were better at games like this!!

I'm not sure if this is something I can just do myself in the pico-8 player (but if so I couldn't find it), but I'd like to suggest a setting that swaps jump + buff display. I feel like it might be more comfortable for some players (myself included).

Thank you!!

You can undo paint by right clicking on it! Just make sure your equipped color swatch matches the paint you're trying to erase.

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You may have discovered a bug! Simply clicking on a tile *should* color/erase it (if you're standing on the spawn tile, of course.) I'll have to check again to make sure I didn't mess something up.

Thank you!
The initial plan was that you could only erase colors for the floor you were on, but I ran into time constraints and couldn't implement going back to old levels, so I just let you erase any color to avoid softlocking by accidentally blocking all access to a later level's goal .

Aahhh thank you so much! Glad you loved it!!

ADORABLE! I especially love the music change when you go underwater!!

Thank you!

Interesting, thanks for the bug report! Looks like something to do with the AI having too many tiles to process, I'll look into it.

Simple, classic slide puzzle action everyone knows and loves. But with an absolutely insane amount of arcade levels that would put some commercial games to shame lol 

Not quite! I've been a bit busy with health issues this year and haven't made much progress, but I do still plan to expand this game. Part of that process involves rewriting the game from scratch though, as I want to switch over to using Butano so I can spend more time focusing on gameplay instead of low end stuff. I'm currently working on another GBA game for the Winter Jam, but after that ends I'll be back to work on this one!

Ahh oops didn't even think about browser commands! Thankfully there are backup buttons and you can use O/P/C/V instead of ctrl/shift in the browser version, but yeah oops!

Thank you!!

Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah the box not moving back in time properly was a hotfix I did to address a separate issue so I could finish my submission in time. It should work properly in the next version I release.

I also adjusted the camera to have larger padding on all sides so the max length the tongue can reach will always be on screen, but I can experiment with adding an option to lock the camera too!

Very cute and surprisingly deep gameplay, with some very clever spatial awareness puzzles. Excellent job!

I'm so bad at it but I can't stop playing - it's just too funny

The trick to that level is that there are two different ways to pull blocks - walking backwards with the block attached to your tongue will only move it one tile, but pressing A to retract your tongue will yank it all the way to the player before dropping it!

Interesting, I've never encountered that before. I'll keep an eye out and try to fix it if possible!

For those who are interested, I have uploaded a fixed version of the game here, with the correct timer and some additional settings. Please do not let the fixed version of the game influence your rating, I have only uploaded it for entertainment purposes. 

Ahhh sorry! i was really tired last night and i think i uploaded the wrong version (shifts are supposed to be ~4 minutes long) ill be posting an updated version soon!!!

Sorry! In my rush to upload before the deadline I forgot to flesh out the game description a bit more. You have to unlock them via the shop!

Thank you! I wasn't sure if this was possible, I'll fix this in the next update.

I am aware, but thank you for the feedback! I'll be fixing that in the next game update (which will happen after frog  jam judging closes just to be safe)