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I had more fun playing this then I thought I would, nice job. 

Hands down best game of the jam I've played yet.  I played at least three matches against each character.  

Great job!

Thanks for the feedback, main reason for the rotation is because I was going to add some obstacles but didn't get to it and every once and awhile a leaf will get stuck on an edge and rotating it will let you get to it.

I like the idea and the start is great.

The enemies just tore me apart though, they never stopped firing.  My tank did hardly any damage and then they just kept shooting and it was gone :(

Very cool idea and well implemented.

I did think the opening cut scene was a little lone, I though that was all it was going to be at first since I couldn't do anything except move the giant leaf with my mouse!


Nice job,

Would like to be able to rotate items but cool idea.

Nice job on your first Jam.

Overall I think it was well done.  The only thing I would like to see is visual changes of the leaves well they are on the tree.  I had the first leaf and then I was sitting there waiting for them to change, must have had bad luck/timing because every time I clicked a tree they were still the same leaves! 

Finally I got all the leaves and set about finding the recipes.  I liked that discovery aspect of the game, well done!

Cool tree growing simulator.

Is the menu suppose to stay on the screen the entire time?  I found it distracting.  

Cool idea.

Nice arena shooter, ran into a strange bug where the fourth heart disappeared and then I couldn't lose the last three hearts. 


I really liked the graphics and sound, overall nice job.

The explosion may be a little two powerful, yes you lose a heart but the enemies would drop 3 or 4 when I used it so no real risk.

Cool idea, liked picking up the leaf blower. 

I feel like you could use some coyote time, there were a few platforms that my jump input did nothing and I fell to my death!

Overall, nice work.

Defiantly has some Cozy Fall Vibes going on here.  I think the driving physics fit the game really well. 

I would like to see some other game mechanic, either a timer to see how fast you can get around, or gas pickups or something like that.

Overall great entry.

Cool visuals, but I have no idea what I'm suppose to do in this game.

Thanks for checking it out.  I agree another level or two would be nice, had some other ideas but decided to just go with simple!

Fun game, liked the switch mechanic.

Although I really liked the story it would be nice to be able to skip the dialog, not sure I want to sit through it every time if I wanted to play again.

A good start, the enemies stopped spawning around 9000 points for me.

This was way harder then it seems it should be, great take on the theme and I had a lot of fun with it!

Love the perspective shift

Strange, I hadn't seen the lag before.  Glad you liked it, the last stage is tricky!

What level did you fall out of?  I thought I had fixed that issue but apparently not!  

Thanks for the heads up.

Nice job, I like the look of the game and it had some cool level design.

I did get stuck at the top of ladders a few times but otherwise no issues.

I really enjoyed the game.  My only complaint would be that I found it almost impossible to not get hit at the start of a level, maybe there is a trick I didn't figure out but with the enemies coming from every direction there was no where to go.

The upgrades were a great touch and give it some replayability and I really liked the look of the game.  The music and sounds fit really well with the game.

Great job!

Well done!

Fantastic, love it.  Was a little confused at the end what the key was for but the 2D sections to get items and move forward were excellent.

Also really liked the models, very well done.

I really like the  use of the theme here, the two different coloured enemies keeps you on your toes.  Nice game!

I had fun jumping the car!  

Cool concept and I really like the visuals. 

Really enjoyed this game.  The sound and visuals were fantastic and I liked that there was a story behind it.

The only thing I would have liked was if there was keyboard controls to move instead of having to click.

You have to use the sprint to jump far enough. I was going to put button prompts because its not clear.

Yeah, fell into the old trap of thinking its easy because I can beat it and ran out of time to adjust it!

I had some strange issues with the controls where my character kept looking down.  It then crashed when I lost the game. I really like the concept though and with a little polish could be great.

Gets some stars for the name alone!

I really like the concepts but the controls were very difficult.  I think if that was cleaned up there is a lot of potential here.

Nice work, really enjoy the theme here.

Man, I killed a lot of trucks!

Love the concept, great job.

Thank you!

My kids played a big part in choosing the music and sound effects so I will make sure to pass this along.

My son has been making mario maker levels for a couple of years so now we are trying to move him to the next level!

I agree with the speed, the parallax is a good idea.  The road and buildings are actually parallax layers so we could implement something like that pretty easily, thanks for the suggestion.

Oh wow, thank you for the kind words!  Glad you enjoyed it.

Really well done, great job for a Jam.  The polish is top notch with the card effects.

Great concept, it is surprisingly hard to stack but I had a lot of fun with it and kept wanting to try one more time to see if I could get a new high score.

Not bad but I only ever found one monster.  I then hid in a corner and let the enemies just run into him to rack up a score.