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Send me an email sometime, my contact info is on my portfolio

Definitely would be down for a game jam.  A little difficult as I do have a full time job but I would be down.  

Would you like to collab sometime?

Would you like to collab?

Would you like to collaborate?  

love it I mean that is the goal lol.   It’s just me lol.  Gotta think of enemies to draw or obstacles.  Yes it is very plain though.  Thank you for trying it out.  If I haven’t checked your games out I will do so.  A lot of things going on in the home life right now though.  

thank you and yes I updated it today.  Did you play the updated version.  It handled so much better than the 12 hour coding I did on it at first lol.  Had so many bugs 

yes that was but I’m working on other ideas for that as well for now though that’s what we have lol.  Keep in mind I have a full time job and did all of that in about 14 hours lol.  Spare time.  Almost couldn’t get it turned in lol.  I have now added sound to it 

Love that you have kids test it lol.  AS DO I ... I have a game that isn't on that is similar to this but with planes.  I would love to bounce ideas with you or come up with something.  I think I could help you with appearance of the game as well.  This is a great idea!

This is amazing.  We should work together lol.  I really enjoyed this.  GREAT IDEA FOR SURE!!!! I really really enjoyed it.  I don't however know how to get over the large obstacle   I know a x and space do different ramps but I couldn't find anything to get over the big ones.  So maybe some controls directions in there.  I think this concept could really go far though

Very much enjoyed it.  

Um.  this was very fun.  I did not use my Gems wisely as I skipped right over that and didn't read lol.   I was then stuck.  which was my bad lol.   Great game though I enjoyed the simplicity and the Difficulty, this is something I could get stuck on.   Music was great as well.  Very good job

Also Thank you!

Yes I do too lol.  There will be, I just didn't have the time to do so.  :(

Thank you, Yeah drawing all of it took the most time lol.  The game is fairly simple but I still didn't have time to add Audio or anything like that.  Thank you again. I'll check your game out when I have some time as well.  

Enjoy.  Updates coming soon

health updating?   health shouldn't go passed 100 but it should work up to 100?  I had an issue with the bullet disappearing, a and x are used to shoot lol.  I'm still working out kinks I'll post an updated version soon.

Yeah that was actually really fun.  I was like how can you make just pressing simple buttons to make boxes appear fun lol.  Then you added the jump and movementSpeed increase lol.  Boom fun.  haha.  I enjoyed it.  If you play mine just know I only took like 12 or 14 hours because I work ha.  There are some bugs ... lol.  

There are some bugs lol.  No Sound either.  Didn't have time.  I will add all of that in later :)   Working right now though can' t add it in.  Hope you enjoy.

So I think I submitted it but when I look at the submitted games I don't see it.   It was literally midnight when I was submitting it lol.  Its got some bugs, I don't have time to fix them at this moment so I just submitted what I had.  

Also I am going to re upload it because for some reason its not even showing the download, I will keep the original up there so you can see the original time I submitted.  

This was helpful :)

I am just going to make P for Pause and while in editor I have UI buttons to use the mouse.  But I am going to make the UI navigational for users be able to use the limitation Keys to navigate as well.  so basically (A) = up, (X) = down, (Space) = Submit.  or something like that.  Just so that way I'm only using those keys.  I read earlier that there are no exceptions.  But you can also code in (if(inEditor){do what ever you want} then when you go to play it on web or on client it wont' run those lines of code.

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Just some things I created tonight,   not sure if they will make it in the game lol... but Just thought everyone should see... Still not sure how I will incorporate a x space b p and 8 in there lol... I think p will be pause lol.   8 though... how RANDOM...  A and X lol as well lol.    I love this thought I am going to try to create something with a few levels .... Have a great day Everyone and good luck.

First Game Jam.  Thank you for letting me know.  

thank you I appreciate you taking the time to play it.  Should bounce some idreas off each other sometime.  

yes def a cool concept though.  

pretty good I enjoyed it.  hard enough too.  I just learned about Line Renderers, distance joint and hinge joints a couple of days ago.  so this was awesome

Yes, 209 first try.  I love that you gave the player 3 tries before dying.  That is genius.  Keep up the good work! Have a great day!

Definitely a fun game.  I  enjoyed it.  Only made it to like time survived of 29 but still.  great game.  Come check out mine sometime :) Have a great day!

Just kidding 26 lol.  Good game!

I like the idea, definitely gotta think to play it.  I enjoyed it.  only made it to 17 but hey lol.  good game.  come check out mine sometime :) have a great day!

Please leave your thoughts on the game here.  Also if you have anything to add let me know.  :)