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How to submit late Sticky

A topic by KingW created Feb 22, 2021 Views: 106 Replies: 2
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Jam Host

Did you just barely miss the submission window? Did your game take too long to build? Don’t worry because you can still submit to Mini Jam as a late submission!

How to submit late:

  1. Double check to make sure your project is set to “Published” and not to “Draft” or “Private”.
  2. Reply to this post with a link to your game.
  3. Await response with a link to the late submission page.
  4. Follow the given link and fill out the required information.

Be sure to add any and all teammates as “Contributors” for your project, so they can rate other entries as well!


So I think I submitted it but when I look at the submitted games I don't see it.   It was literally midnight when I was submitting it lol.  Its got some bugs, I don't have time to fix them at this moment so I just submitted what I had.  

Also I am going to re upload it because for some reason its not even showing the download, I will keep the original up there so you can see the original time I submitted.  

Jam Host