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Hey, I think you got much further than me in some respects and not as much in others. I like that the game allows for that to happen. I have been personally satisfied with my experience playing it a short while ago and have dropped it for now to clear time for making my own game, lol. Anyhow, of what you mentioned, here's what I have figured out for now:

(decode these with rot13:

On the TOWN family: Vs lbh'er gnyxvat nobhg gur tebhc V'z guvaxvat bs (Gur guerr "V" sbyxf va gur pnir jvgu gur erfcnjavat zbafgref) V xabj jurer gurl raq hc, vg'f gur gval ohvyqvat ng gur obggbz bs gur qrfreg nern, qverpgyl haqrearngu gur pnaavonyf. Ohg V qb abg xabj jul gurl qvqa'g tb gurer ba lbhe raq evtug nsgre pyrnevat gur zbafgref va gur ebbz gurl'er va. Gung'f jung gurl qvq ba zl raq. Znlor gur tnzr qbrfa'g guvax lbh sbhaq gur furygre. Gel rkcyvpvgyl vagrenpgvat jvgu vg be fbzrguvat? Znlor.

On the blue sigil doors: Gur qrirybcre uvagrq gbjneqf guvf gb zr zber rkcyvpvgyl va gur tyvgpu eryngrq guernq. Ohg va oevrs, lbh pna xvyy gur perngher gung fubjf hc fbzrgvzrf jura lbh cvpx hc gur fjbeq. Naq fbzrguvat pbby znl unccra vs lbh qb vg n tbbq srj gvzrf. guvf bcraf hc n tbbq srj nirahrf va GBJA va n fbeg bs pnfpnqvat jnl.

On getting cursed again: Gel uvqvat va orq sbe n juvyr :)

On the PONCHO: Lbh trg vg vairfgvat na nofheq nzbhag bs NTR vagb TVEY. Yvxr n erny tebff abg rira shaal nzbhag. V qba'g erzrzore rknpgyl ubj zhpu. V gevrq gung ba n fnir jurer V unq n erny ovt fgnfu naq fur tnir vg gb zr.

Haven't figured out anything you haven't regarding the missing stew ingredients or the huge root veg. I was wondering - do you know how to make the cloy combustible yourself? I THINK I have the ingredients but don't know how to dry the towerlung in my inventory with the matches like instructed in the book on the matter.. I don't remember seeing a creature in rail trail, either. I'd agree that combining items does feel like pretty much a dead end if you don't receive explicit reference towards a certain combination. I don't know how much I'd like it if it was any other way though.

Best of wishes / luck !


I never figured out what's up with the pitchfork looking stat either. My guess is that it simply isn't used anywhere in the demo but that seems like a cop-out lol. Can't be sure. There's items you can find that replenish it but nothing that increases the maximum...

Ah, I forgot to write back. The new version does work! The basement and ending that exploring it leads to was fairly harrowing. I also greatly enjoyed the sequence with the descender after realizing what they're there for. I thought it was exclusively a trap to punish you for using the pedestals, haha. Thanks again : ) .

Gracias! The fixes to the seed-bag and drain spiders are much appreciated. Unfortunately, it is still impossible to pick up the gate key. I don't know why at all, as basically every other instance of the picking stuff up mechanism works perfectly. I have just made a video demonstration of the occurrence which will hopefully be more useful than textual description: ~ You're free to try and track down the root of this issue still if it seems necessary, but I think it's unreasonable on my end to fully expect a fix to something that isn't actually broken in the "canon" version of the game we'll call it. That's fine.

One other thing, not an issue but just a part of the game that I've been stuck on for a while. Do you have any hints towards how to obtain the "CRYSTAL SEAL"? I have been observing the strangely detailed 2022 trailer as a source of pointers for whenever I feel especially stuck, and I see that's how you're supposed to open the couple doors in TOWN that are likely what has halted any further exploration of that area. I think I've turned just about all the stones in there except for the ones that are likely gated by those doors. So I'd appreciate even a vague nudge, I guess. Thanks anyhow.

Still really loving the game so far. I kind of can't believe that what I'm seeing is only about half of what's supposedly planned. Anyhow, found some more oddities. The first two, which may be EasyRPG bugs (Still 0 luck with attempts to run it normally), but I somewhat doubt it with these specifically, is -

1: Grabbing the seed-bag in the COMBINE mode of your inventory will permanently stick it to the cursor, which persists even after attempting to grab something else, exiting COMBINE mode, exiting the inventory menu, and even saving and reloading. This is purely cosmetic as the bag functions as normal and just shows the seed-bag sprite over the top of whatever you're trying to do, but it is quite annoying and does make it impossible to select the bag again. In case there's some combination involving it that I'm not privy to. In any case, I had to go back on some progress and reload an older save to get rid of it as the sight was rather unpleasant.

2: In the old home area, It is impossible to grab the key hidden in the grass, which I think in-turn makes it impossible to progress in that area. It flickers for a second in front of the player sprite and gives you the "EMPTY HANDS" shortcut item but does not persist and cannot be used on the gate. (This funnily makes it possible to have many stacked instances of the "EMPTY HANDS" shortcut item. This is amusing but I'd prefer if it worked properly).

Finally, more of a design suggestion, I'd highly recommend rethinking the spiders in the storm drain area. It is quite easy for them to corner you due to the tight corridors, and it being impossible to fight back due to them knocking the glaive away immediately and not being able to pick it back up, again, due to being cornered. This happened five times. lol. I think the way they interact with the demon guy in the last leg of that area is interesting. I like the tag team sorta deal they have going on, but the amount of times I had to redo the whole area due to an edge case that can never be foreseen was obnoxious, and felt rather uncharacteristic with how most of the other areas were designed.

That' s all that comes to mind for now. Good day : )

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Yeah, I saw that thread. Only suggestions I can find around are nebulous gestures towards updating drivers and the guy that made the thread also just ended up using EasyRPG, haha. I think it's fine for now. 

I've needed to use the EasyRPG player ( to run this game because it flat out refuses to otherwise (Something about DirectDraw not working & such, definitely something up with RPGmaker and not this game specifically) but luckily it seems to go along without any issue. This does mean that I can't be entirely sure if any bug I encounter still exists when running the game "raw" though. So far the only hitches I've encountered was 1: In the very opening with the stalker, a couple times when i was caught by them the game entirely locked up (as in, didn't crash but I couldn't move or open the menu) and I had to forcibly close it. And 2: In the rooms of the staircases area with the worm things (?) that jump around, after a moment they all end up jumping into the walls and not jumping out. I can't tell if that was supposed to happen but it did clear the path so I wasn't complaining too much.

A future modern classic series.

Imagine the character is cool. I remember showing the game it was based on ("What is a video game?") to my mum a while ago because I thought its like example gallery approach would be insightful as she doesn't have much experience with games aside from the monthly news broadcast about how Fortnite is big with the kids or whatever it is, also thought there was some humor to be mined there. I remember she had an strong adverse reaction to it with questions such as "what is the goal/point?" being brought up quite frequently before and after I could get to explaining it. Which felt a bit odd as she didn't really have any horse in the race so to speak. Somewhat similar case with a private game I made a year ago (I think before having played "What is a video game?") adapted from a dream called "■" which throws a 600px black square in the middle of your screen and then plays the entirety of Dean Blunt's fantastic record "Black Metal" and closes itself after all the songs play out. The goal of the game is to listen to as much of the record as you can but this was hard to conceptualize as well. What are the essential elements of a vidgame to someone who hasn't played any?  I think about these two interactions often but still don't really know what to take away from them, lol. Anyways this one was made mostly because I thought the idea of a gameplay loop being expressed by a literal loop of audio you listen to until you get bored of it was funny. Thanks for playing.

Thanks for the numerous words.

Good description is something you have to hone consciously over many years. I'm barely there still. Thank you for the kind words.

Thank you. I like the bonus content as well.

Thank you for organizing this.

This is Binkey


I kind of ignored that character a bit because the balls seemed a bit pricey and by the time I came back to check on them I already had the ability to fly. I also thought the chest was put there as a joke because the one solution I could think of (kicking with the heavy boots) did nothing. The ending is great thanks

(there is a bug with the ending though where when I went back into the world right after the credits, I couldn't open the bag or the pause menu. not sure why. Alt-F4 fixes it thou)

"When you solve the riddle, it opens up a room on the left hand side of the tower. That room contains the final hand"

Oh if you mean the room with the like dark purple spikey hand then yeah I got that one. But that hand opens a room on the other site of the tower and there's another grave that needs to be opened in that room, for which I cannot find the hand.

Honestly I wasn't really paying attention to when the item position bug happened which makes it not a very good bug report I guess. Maybe it has nothing to do with exiting the game. Having something to do with the legendary tree sounds plausible, I never used a memory disk so it's definitely not that.

It feels like I've done almost everything there is to do in this world, but I still have zero idea where to even start looking for the final hand. (The one you need to use in the room unlocked after solving the riddle.) Hate to ask for help outside of the game but also I've been wandering around for almost an hour now and still have no idea lol.

Also, misc bug report: I set up a sort of item staircase in the middle leftmost area of the Cherry Blossom Hills, to get to the door there. But upon rebooting the game all of the items there seem to have teleported to the same locations they already were in, but in the room below.
If i stacked them higher it might have made the driving license impossible to re-obtain. This is the only time this has happened though, and the only actual bug I've encountered for that matter. Pretty rock solid, lovely world. Thanks.

the new build works! thanks.

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It appears there is a issue with the latest itch build that prevents a fourth player from joining. not sure what is causing this but i think it's a problem with the game itself as trying any other 4 player game with the same controllers works, and you even can't join the fourth spot with the keyboard if u try. first found out about this when trying to play with friends on parsec but the same issue occurs locally. hope this gets fixed ty ty 

got it! thanks. i'd say you should maybe change the store page to reflect that. i was using it as a guide lol. 

a couple more "nice to have" things i thought abt
drag & drop support for opening files
the ability to hide effect symbols
the ability to change what symbols are used for certain effects (pipe dream. i do not expect this in the slightest)


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Unsure if this would b considered a issue or suggestion but it would be cool to have the program automatically add .txt to the end of the filename without needing to type it manually when saving. Unless you specify a diff extension of course. Thanks!

(also i can't figure out how to do the yellow highlight effect, brackets do nothing)

Oh m ygod I just want to be a flamingo please

this is a game i've been dreaming about for a long while tysm for making it 

i love this thank u