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very fun short game :) gj

good game and idea , but It was too simple imo :) 

best game I've played in the jam so far , gj

it's the thought that counts :) i actually like very simple games like these

ayy :) glad you liked my shitty game :D

the box keep getting stuck in the corner and making me restart the game xD 😤

happend to the best of us xD

Cool idea & design , It took me some time to find the last one , the lighting needs some work (sometimes didnt see the turrets) and the camera kinda making things harder.

also the boss was too hard .. He one shotted me and I didnt even see how :D

gj overall

it was funny to watch you playing it and it reminded me how bad the game is xD , good job :) earned my sub .

Accidedntally deleted the game file :c

yes , while holding a cube with the hand , especially with longer hand , it went crazy when it collided with walls .

kinda fun game , at first the bugs annoyed me but I got used to the mechanics after a while , good job :)

I really liked the atmosphere and the unique design of each level , however the game enemies and surfaces design were  off , I finished the levels way too fast because the damage from monsters is too low and the music restarted every level . overall it was fun experience :)

Wow , the game idea was very good , cool story , music is great , design didnt disturb me too bad because of the fact that you had a week .  I really liked it and I found small problems like the time change transition was feeling laggy and the player still had the mask on when he was in the past :D

Thanks for the feedback :) I made the menu too quickly and I noticed that bug after posting the game :p 

I loved the concept of speed running game , the simple bear , the ballon  and the honey thing  but I got some problems :

- the colliders , with games like this when you spam jump the colliders and jumping have to be smooth :)

- Restart button -  like clicking R restarting current level because in the second level i found myself waiting for the time to run out after falling.

-the timer still went going while the ballon animation played :D

 I liked the tension  of the game  tho.

thanks ,  make sure I will :)

Very cool idea , coloring and music ! Well done :)

I've tested it on 3 different browsers , seems to be working fine with me . idk but thanks for trying :P

thanks :)

I have tested it on win10 only , thanks for trying anyways :)