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Good job! Like others have said I really like the artwork! 

I may have found a glitch while playing. I ended up touching a small (blue) building when I fell past a ledge. I was further away from the building than normal and pressing the spacebar wouldn't fill the bar. I'm not sure how this works behind the scenes, but I'd imagine I fell out of the building's hit box but the player object couldn't leave "power mode" until the building's bar was full.

Good game! You did a good job designing the game to teach the mechanic to the player.

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Thank you! That is really high praise!

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Thanks for the feedback! Yeah there is definitely some fine tuning we'd like to do after the jam, but I'm glad we were able to make something you enjoyed!

Thanks for the feedback! I agree that it would have been better to have easier levels to better explain the mechanics. Unfortunately, we didn't have much time to playtest our levels before launch. We'll definitely make sure to keep your advice in mind if we expand the project!

So you need the jet booster power up, but you can save yourself in the situation you describe if you jump at the last second. Kind of like doing a ground pound in Super Mario 64. As far as other speed run tactics go, I found out (on accident) that if you manage to land in the open exit door while falling you don't crash on impact!

Hello! I'm the character designer, I'm glad you liked our robot! I forgive you for breaking him. If it makes you feel any better, I'm sure I ended up breaking  him way more than you did.

We were able to get the game to build properly! Unfortunately, we won't be able to update the game until next Monday when the Game Jam has concluded. Thank you for your advice! I hope you will play our game once it is up

Thank you for your advice! Unfortunately toggling off the compression doesn't seem to help fix the problem. I'll keep looking into it and let you know when the problem has been resolved.