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Awesome update! Thank you!

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I agree with everything that's been said! I found this game on the Alpha Beta Gamer channel on YouTube and haven't been able to stop thinking about it until I was able to get internet again (have been in the middle of moving) and play it myself. For many years I've just loved the unexplainable vibe I get being in places that have this kind of ambience; the lighting, humming and buzzing and sounds of water, and solitude are really incredible. The scare factor is there, but as said, isn't in-your-face or alarming with loud sounds that jolt the player. Keep it up, I'm loving it!

Thanks for the updates!

Good game! It crashed for me on floor 2 of the dungeon when I encountered some kind of Jawa-looking thing. Smooth movement, clean UI, and fun exploration!

I really like the Might and Magic-style feel to fights but found this very hard, possibly due to lack of feedback currently during combat. Nice graphics and good story too!

I like it! The card guessing game for combat, as well as being able to bribe enemies and use multiple items gives battles a layer of strategy and choice. I will agree with the one who said maybe you have to press Tab too much, like for picking up items. Also, damage you do to enemies seems to be hard set. I think it may be fun to add a little risk to the mechanic by making guessing lower numbers on the low cards or higher numbers on the high cards pay off more if you turn out to be right, or do double damage if you guess that it'll be a draw. Good game!

Excellent game! Things I love:  6 degrees of movement; Multiple attack modes; Enemy part targeting; Shield/Energy/Health management; Walls you can destroy; Puzzle (I know another comment said it should not have been trial and error though, maybe some kind of hint somewhere?). It can be a bit easy to get lost, but it's a dungeon crawler so maybe that's normal. Overall I really like it! 

I've really been enjoying this game! The movement is smooth, the animations are nice, and the "filling in tiles" mechanic is fresh and new to me.

I made it through putting most of my points in dagger and a little in armor. Good game!

Oh yeah..kinda like it says ; ) Thank ya.

Very nice game! The player character emoting entirely through their hand is especially funny!

I'm liking this so far, but at the risk of sounding stupid, how do I use the key to unlock the door? It says it's locked and I have a key but it won't open.

I made it to floor 3 and the screen flashed red like I'd been hit and it froze. I really enjoy the graphics, especially the lighting and all the purple! I also really like the added strategy and incentive to explore with healing by walking on unexplored tiles. I think more could be made from that idea.

Thank you so much, Yal! The method for creating models may not be the most efficient performance-wise, but it really is an incredibly smart way to get around the need of importing them from outside!

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I'm really loving this engine, as I do all of your stuff! I'm learning a lot as I go, taking notes about where various things are controlled from. I just have a few questions:

1. How do you add more placeable objects into the stage editor, like items and decorations? I figure it has something to do with yashow_menu and the variables like misc_item_str that is read in the user events in obj_editoroverlay.

2. What would be the most efficient way of adding gamepad controls? I see where to change the keyboard inputs in get_keys and in the camera objects.

3. Do you plan on adding any documentation down the line to make it a little less confusing to create new models using the simple shapes and paths? Genius method, by the way!

Side note: I'm getting around 50-60 fps consistently on the test level in GM 1.4.9999.

Thank you so much for all your work, in this and many other engines!

Hey man this is Jarrett, great job man! Especially it being your first time dealing with 3D!

Thanks man! I should have a new build coming hopefully in the near future.

Any chance of a demo? Also, that's an impressive file size for a 16 (8?) bit game!

To anyone who may see this: This may have to do with the fact that this game runs in 1920x1080 only right now, having a different res than this may result in oddities!

Oh wow, thanks for the super quick reply! Good stuff!

Very cool! One thing though: When I place slopes they seem to only randomly work? Like I can place one vertical slope next to a normal terrain that goes to an "up 1" terrain, then another vertical slope from that to an "up 2" terrain, and only the first slope appears?

Very interesting, as I use Windows 10 as well. I'll definitely look into the issue though! Full key mapping and tooltips for everything will be in the next build! Thanks for playing and giving me this vital feedback!