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banger of a comic!

If you like hanging out with someone and start saying things like 'what if...' then you will like this zine. I like zines and people like this. It feels like the author worked very hard deleting words and sentences that people might get bored with. 

This is great!

It's a weird, sad adventure cave system that includes a cat-dragon. Evey's writing is so dreamy.

It's sincere, funny, sad, and contemplative. <3

I thought of these playable characters as sad and lonely but not afraid, not weak, who instead of withdrawing into themselves go places and be 'strong', 'independent', and aren't 'nervous'. I feel really connected to these characters outside of the normal connection you feel from rpgs such as 'I like this character because I made them', 'based them on myself' or a character you already have an 'attachment' to from a video game, movie, or book. 

I ran ~4 sessions using this zine as the start of the campaign. I really enjoy these backgrounds. They are slice of life. The 'Landscaper' is my favorite background in the collection.

After reading it I thought about it and felt good. I like the ideas in here a lot. For example there are no backgrounds provided (playable classes). Instead players choose between different skill load-outs and specials (no players may choose the same thing). This is something that I'd like to see more of in Troika. I want to live in this setting.

I'd change the name to Mornau or Morano or whatever. Thats easy. Murnane. If unsure, play safe, always. ALWAYS.

I reviewed this book and did an interview with Disaster Tourism on my blog.

You've won a copy of Troika and Permian Nations! How do we best get in contact with you?

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This jam was so fun to host. 

You're all awesome people and this community is great to be a part of.

I just typed in everyone's name into 'wheelofnamesdotcom' and spun it twice.

Diredead you have won  a copy of the Numinous Edition of Troika! with Permian Nations!

Paul Van Keuren Jr you have won a gift card to the Spear Witch online store!

We've sent you both messages on Discord :)

a blog series on making zines, using public domain art, etc

A few more links for templates...

Here's a template I found!

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From the core book:

Anyone may publish free or commercial material based upon and/or declaring compatibility with “Troika!” without express written permission from the publisher, the Melsonian Arts Council, as long as they adhere to the following terms:

If your product declares compatibility with Troika! you must state the following in your legal text and on any websites from which a commercial product is sold: “[product name] is an independent production by [publisher name] and is not affiliated with the Melsonian Arts Council.” 

Oh yeah! I didn't  see the connection between 63 and 65, I guess you can mix them up however you want.

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Feel free to use/remix/discuss/ignore any of the following entries for inspiration.
You can download a fancy PDF of this table here

  1. Garage sales everywhere, all types of guillotines.
  2. Photo-booths steal people’s vibes.
  3. Star tasting contest has very expensive tickets.
  4. The pawnshops fight back, rage against the antique. 
  5. Endless corridor has no end in sight but have you tried walking backwards?
  6. At midnight, hundreds of geckos stalk the streets, something must be done.
  7. Delinquent squirrels terrorize locals with candy blades, says the news.
  8. A BBQ and fireworks stand having a sale, gone with a bang!
  9. A Vegan restaurant opens in a district covered in kudzu.
  10. Bare-Knuckle Boxing Syndicate (BKBS) is unhappy about the competing popularity of the Magical Girl Wrestling Federation (MGWF).
  11. Desperate real estate company tries to sell you houses that crash landed in the suburbs at night.
  12. Frogs are converting concrete to wetlands. It’s a good religion, all hail the swamp!
  13. Underground street racing scene, ride or die. 
  14. Cable cars are not working anymore and it’s the only reliable way of moving through the city now that it’s full of swamps.
  15. Mumbling paranormal investigators can’t find the way to the park.
  16. A time-traveling cyborg looking for a place to charge.
  17. The brain fairy that steals brains and slips money under people’s pillows.
  18. Sticky goblins stealing tupperware and unappreciated plasticware from homes, better not have any moldy fruit in the fridge.
  19. A person that sells instant internet in a box, you just have to microwave it for 2 minutes. 
  20. A CEO with an astonishing large skull hires the party to investigate his missing CFO with a not as astonishing large skull but still impressive.
  21. Talk show host turns into a werewolf and attacks the live studio band, they don’t stop playing.
  22. A metallic casket crashes in the city, what’s in it? 
  23. The last entertainment cartridge dealer can’t get people to return his cartridges after they check them out.
  24. Sky Piranhas have been a nuisance lately.
  25. The founder of memory suggestion technology forgot his wallet… but where?
  26. You end up in the block with only one working street light, now we’ve got all the coconuts.
  27. Someone dressed as a hot dog handing out pasta coupons insists that tomatoes are vegetables. 
  28. Weekly dance competition, $ entry, $$ prizes. Wanye Kest and Sailor Twift will be there.
  29. An ice cream truck that only appears at night and only accepts fruits as payment.
  30. The district where people live on houseboats is expanding at a massive rate due to concrete swamp conversions. 
  31. Tattoo shop that specializes in pet memorials is hiring.
  32. Channel 5 News comes to Troika City and interviews local Swampsters about the Swamp Cult.
  33. A musician that releases songs in applesauce form goes Platinum.
  34. An altar to the patron saint of Candy and Tummies gets vandalized by Swampsters.
  35. The remains of an even older city is found under the old ruins under the city that is under the city. The News is calling it Cityception.
  36. Street performers like the clown with the peg leg. Honk!
  37. Garbage truck drivers functioning as a loose and informal militia are mad about all the swamps. Some people are dumping their trash there now, those Swampsters trying to put us out of a job!?
  38. The cool club with darkness permanently cast inside, only serves drinks with blood in it.
  39. Someone is sending messages using squirrels and frogs on roof tops. Weirdo.
  40. Certain months are said to attract certain mutations.
  41. Statues come alive every other hour in this district and they’ve got sick dance moves.
  42. Why does this flamingo have an obituary in the paper?
  43. A new golden barge is invented, it’s driven by sighs.
  44. People are finding an extra door in their homes that leads to yesterday. 
  45. It’s now legal to have sword duels on top of moving vehicles, the Magical Girls Wrestling Federation (MGWF) rejoices.
  46. The ghost that does scenic paintings in the park looks for a live model.
  47. A book about bookshelves… that’s shaped like a bookshelf! 
  48. Flying Were-squirrels glide from skyscraper to skyscraper, for some it’s their first and last flight. Oh, boy.
  49. People are cloning themselves to finally have ‘true friends’, clones keep their original personalities and memories but turn into alligators after a couple of weeks.
  50. Temp agency with bullshit jobs that need near-constant staffing only hires frogs or swampsters. All hail the swamps!
  51. Everyone is addicted to this new energy drink from another sphere. You know what it does.
  52. The traveling skeleton trio band with pitch perfect xylophone bones are coming to town.
  53. Scientists finally prove that tomatoes are technically fruits and the city is in uproar.
  54. Catgirl Mutant bumps into the sword juggler on the street, this is not looking good.
  55. Truth or dare is the most popular and most dangerous game in the city.
  56. Designer drug causes your hair to fall out and be replaced by a plant that represents your personality.
  57. Local singer Tanks’ beautiful voice lures golden barge pilots to the sphere.
  58. A stained glass window that allows you to see 2 decades into the future.
  59. Restaurants refuse to deliver food due to lack of reasons.  
  60. All elevators in the city go on strike. Sorry you have to take the stairs.
  61. Baker seeking perfect ingredients for the ultimate cake! (secretly a golem)
  62. The entire plumbing of a building is hooked up to a cube of metal and flesh, nobody seems to care about it.
  63. The construction contractor everyone is mad at that gives up when he’s completed 65% of the project won the popular vote and is now the mayor of the city, good luck! 
  64. Sign language band called Deaf Trips is playing tonight. I heard the singer bit off the head of a squirrel once.
  65. A fungal cult has appeared in the city that uses their flesh to grow mushrooms. They call themselves the Brotherhood of Mario.
  66. A gang of squirrels on small bicycles that call themselves “The Electric Eels” tags walls with “The Electric Eels were here and tomatoes are veggies!”.
  67. A cult believes they are living in a miniature, bottled version of troika city, their flyers are found everywhere, some people care. 
  68. A mad scientist is genetically creating a frog, squirrel, alligator hybrid. Unsuccessfully so far.
  69. Foxes loitering in the parking lot, up to no good at this time of night. 
  70. A black hole has moved into an apartment building and it’s causing a lot of problems. Real Estate agencies are not happy about it.
  71. A new method of fortune telling known as Cloudseers have upset The Astrologer’s Guild, they’ve scheduled a ladder match this Sunday in the Swamp dome, formerly known as the dome until you guessed it the frogs converted it. All hail the swamp!
  72. A new reality show is being filmed in the city bringing contestants from other spheres, it’s a hit.
  73. The Capitalist Brewing Barons (CBB) are using the Bare-Knuckle Boxing Syndicate (BKBS) as muscle to shut down the Cider Cooperative Brewery (CCB) run by a Mysterious Masked Pop Star Carrying Sword (MMPSCS). Who is she? Ask the locals.
  74. The nightmare engine reaches you in your dreams, who turned it on? 
  75. The dishwasher that hates everyone in the sphere, dead, undead or soon to be dead, stopped working.
  76. Six time consecutive winner of ‘Pizza Delivery Woman of the Year’ becomes a Pizza Lawyer, her number is 21 3883 5600. Better call sauce!
  77. A creepy looking bunny costume behind a dumpster, it can only be removed by magical means, but the Magical Girl Wrestling Federation (MGWF) are too busy with bigger problems.
  78. The Troika City Times arrives at your door with the latest Troika City news. Complete the crossword puzzle and be able to cast 1 random spell. Complete the sudoku and get +2 skill bonus for the day. 
  79. An enormous crab rips the top off a building and ravages people’s apartments with its enormous claws, it’s screaming “NO MORE CRAB CAKES!”
  80. Documentary film makers are capturing a zero gravity tea ceremony for the first time on film.
  81. A shooting star passes over the city and everyone who made a wish finds it comes true the next morning and now Wanye Kest is dead.
  82. A creature that disguises itself as a leaf to avoid predators, looks like a really crunchy leaf though. Legalize ranch. 
  83. The interior of this high end fashion store is a portal to a sphere where everything is made purely of clothing and the city is run by sentient scissors that eat fashion, whatever that means.
  84. The hitman that instead of exterminating their contracts helps them flee to start a new life in a different sphere ends up dead. Her name, Sailor Twift. 
  85. A magical mishap caused the walls of a back alley deep in the city to be covered in mouths that will exchange secrets for kisses. French kisses.
  86. The person who claims a microscopic interdimensional being named Viiiiiiiin has fallen into his soup now wants his money back.
  87. Witches stop using cauldrons after the head witch misheard someone say “a witch pot never boils” for “a watched pot never boils”. 
  88. If you get a paper cut you turn into a werebook on a full moon and the pages you turn into are your deepest secrets. 
  89. A creepy botanist is pushing another designer drug that makes people’s hair fall out and plants to grow in their place, but this time it lasts longer, trust me.
  90. Snowmageddon! Water mains rupture, phone lines go dead, all public transport suspended indefinitely, snowbanks have reached 6 stories tall, only a giant lizard with a shell can save the citizens of troika city from this catastrophe.  
  91. The laundromat with machines that have too many buttons, customers look on in disbelief at their knobs and complain that there are too many options in this sphere. Some blame the mayor.
  92. Sad lamps are extremely popular but increasingly annoying, they are installed all over the city and constantly give people positive compliments and affirmations.
  93. The docile arctic land-shrimp that’s famous for the “lowest pitch ever emitted by an organism on this sphere,” which causes people to shrink two whole sizes after hearing his noise escaped the zoo!  
  94. Mayor wakes up with the power to point their finger and cause property damage as dragon fire, and she sure is using it!
  95. An experimental fusion restaurant that gained popularity among all the spheres after an entre gained consciousness, is looking for the freshest fruits and vegetables.
  96. Troika City Mayor needs a spreadsheet and she needs it by the end of the day, chop chop!
  97. There’s a mantis-man that works as a compliance attorney and spends his off time flour-pasting environmental flyers to telephone poles, nobody reads them.
  98. Paper airplanes are deemed illegal, no one seems to know why. Zines are next. 
  99. Alligators in suits open a fruit recycling company that turns fruits into vegetables, it’s stolen squirrel technology.
  100. Spreadsheets take over the city and they want the mayor’s head.

funee, maigcal, sleepy, based

I'm a Brazilian layout designer & illustrator looking for another project to embark on! I have a Troika zine up for sale and I'm working on an OSR setting/adventure to hopefully finish this month but I'm open to new projects!