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Really nice, I like the spell combination system (was kind of disappointed when the wind fairy didn't give me a wind spell), the environment was nice but kind of repetitive.

The enemies, except for the spiky dinosaur who killed me too many times, were fun, I especially enjoyed the boss fight against the rocket throwing bat.

I had fun, thanks a lot.

Visuals are amazing, love the tiny trail that follows the ship. The visual atlas is an interesting feature, makes the game feel more lively, also curious about "The Cube".
Very nice game, amazing work.

Fun game. Broke my rake, started using a leek as a weapon, 10/10.
Would've liked some form of score or way of seeing my progress, but that might've made too serious and not as relaxing.
Great work.

Nice game. The sound effects were satisfying and the animations were smooth, especially the dodge animation, would've loved to see a skeleton archer or any ranged enemy but I don't blame you for not adding one when you only had a few days left to make this game. Nice work.

Nice idea, I liked the shop and customization system in particular, the enemies were annoying at first but once I reduced their numbers they weren't a threat. Cleared the game after 3 tries, it was fun.

This was very fun and satisfying, I love it.
The visuals are surprisingly clear despite all the particles.
Amazing work.

Absolutely amazing, how did you even come up with this idea?
Visuals- 10/10
Everything else- 10/10
I had a lot of fun.

Lots of good ideas in this game, like the simple graphics without any details, dashing into the enemies with a shield is my favorite.
Had fun playing it.

Love the cute visuals.
It took me a while to notice the health and "pills?", but once I did it was very fun.

The simple art is nice, but the music is amazing, listening to it while writing this comment.

Amazing game, not what I expected from a boss themed jam.

Are we the bad guys?

Very fun concept and nice clean visuals, it felt a bit short but I really liked it.

Glad you liked it, for the shadows I drew rough circles by hand then added a dithering pattern around the edges.

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THIS GAME IS AMAZING, the classic "janitor" music, the simple art style, the fresh gameplay, the everything is just so good.

Can't wait for Cleanup on Spaceship 5 (or will it be Cleanup on Spaceship 4-2)

*edit: The ending is amazing.

SOLID 10/10

Beautiful voxel art, farthest I reached was 173m.

Simply amazing, I love it.

also I must apologize for cheating through my first playthrough.
(If you press the game speed button when the map appears and then click on the enemy ship icon the game instantly say VICTORY and lets you skip the entire fight)

Wonderful, I had lots of trouble controlling the ship at first but I had tons of fun once I got used to it.

I also finished the mission so give me my medal.

You can fight an interdimensional eyeball monster with a stick.

I really liked the idea of fighting the same boss over and over again but I ended up giving up after 7 wins because of how difficult it got.

The lantern throw and dash is very nice concept, it seemed kinda bad at first but once I got used to it I was trying to find ways to skip some platforms.
Also the background art in the beginning is beautiful but it seems like you didn't have enough time to add backgrounds near the end.
Overall a very interesting concept.

Simple 1-bit art, neat concept, fun level design.
I love it.

I don't know if this game has a hidden meaning or anything but it feels spiritual and I love it.

Loved the looping effect, the game was a fun time killer.

If there was one problem then it would be the lack of a crosshair.

Final Score: 42717 HYPER MODE

Just finished the demo and it was really fun, the combat was solid and the pulse system is very refreshing, however there are some problems that I faced when playing the game.

  • The first problem was that the poles that the player could grab onto easily blended with the background and were hard to see (I spent 2 minutes walking in the area above the green door wondering how to get up the ledge before realizing that there were poles), I would recommend adding some torches or glowing things at the ends of the poles to draw the player's attention to it while using the old pole sprites for hidden areas and secrets.
    (If you play Devil May Cry 4/5 you will see that Nero's latch-able areas always have a blue/cyan glow or fire around it)
  • The second problem was that the area where you climb up a broken wood stairs was VERY confusing, mostly because I easily mistook the foreground for platforms, it also happened in other areas but this specific area really made me frustrated, I would recommend making some different shades for the foreground and background so that they don't get confused with the platforms and walk-able areas (or it might just be me being stupid :P ).
  • The third problem was that the enemy health bars easily blended in with the colors of the sky that it became hard to notice, I know that visual consistency is important but sometimes the colors are TOO consistent that it all blends in and becomes hard to notice.

Overall it was a really fun and refreshing game with amazing visuals but it suffered from lack of visual "depth" (idk what the correct word is but it feels like the world is flat without much distance between the foreground and background).

Good luck and hopefully it keeps getting better and better.

Thank you for playing, glad you liked it.

I'm very glad that people are liking my game and it makes me happy to see that you enjoyed it, there isn't much story about the special boy and the CULT besides them existing I guess...

I couldn't add an ending to the game so it just became about keeping him alive for as long as possible.

The .jar file runs the game but the character moves TOO fast.

Hello Dragon, glad you enjoyed the game. 

I originally set the challenge based on my high score however when people played it I realized that some easily got to 5 or 6 minutes so I will increase the challenge. 

I originally wanted to make the game have an ending however due to the deadline getting closer and closer I had to scrap it and just make it a high score.

Thank you so much for playing the game.

Thank you Joel, did u try using the Phase? you use it by holding the Left Shift down, it makes you invulnerable and faster. 

Hello Xelaushi, glad you liked the game, I am very sorry about forgetting the cursor, I mean I even forgot the wildcards in some exports (lol), thank you for your feedback, next time I work on a game I will prioritize what is necessary.

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Run&Gun is a small platformer PvP made by me and my brother.

If you like Local PvP games you might like Run&Gun and if you don't you can also try it.

If you are going to play the game then enjoy :)