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splash mob

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i've been playing this on my Steam Deck and it's worked perfectly fine! that's with Proton specifically, though, i can't speak for how it performs on other Wine variants

super fascinating! great read.

these little games are really cute! i really like your art style. this whole thing reminds me of flash games i'd see online when i was a kid, it's lovely.

love these so much. inspiring

i completely forgot, my bad! added one. thanks.

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2021 is nearly out, so i've put all of my art from the last year together into a collection.

this includes all the original .PSD files, and the freedom to do whatever you want with it.

in total, this pack includes 35 .PSD files and 54 .PNG files! some of it is unreleased or unfinished, and hasn't been posted anywhere else!

its $30, and you can give it a look here if you want:

very cool!! always really happy to see more games based on music collections like this. great stuff

thank you so much!

i really loved both of these!! your art style is wonderful!

thank you so much!!

thank you!!! i'm really happy you liked them!

i really loved this!!

thank you!! i'm glad you liked them!

loved everything about this. great work!!!

r/virtualreality could be a good place for it! looking forward to VR support whenever it happens, i found this game thanks to vinesauce's stream of it and it looks lovely