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Spirit Fall

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I see a lot of similarities between profluence and emergence. A big take-away in the field of Cognitive Science is the idea that complex systems can emerge from simpler ones, ala Conway's Game of Life. I see profluence as a narrative version of emergence. Especially with roleplaying games, the system is driving the possibility space of the narrative. The narrative is emerging from snowballing moves and its profluence that's linking that movement together. 

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These are awesome! 

What was the proofing process like? Seems like it'd be pretty involved. 

Definitely would like to see a system where you develop a bond between individual Pokemon that not only translates to mechanical improvement but fictional wholesomeness. 

Spirit Fall

A roleplaying game about a team of scavengers enduring a demon apocalypse.

In Spirit Fall, you live in a safezone in New York City, ten years after a demon apocalypse. It's the one place where the sun shines through the ash cloud and you can breathe clean air. Life in the safezone is bad, but out there is worse. The people that hold the constant threats at bay are shattering. Someone has to do it. That someone is you. But you're not alone. 

We play the game to watch the team struggle with demons, tension, and time. To see them overcome their trauma and fight to protect their safezone. To watch them grapple with crime, oppression, threats, and wrath. To see their spirit rise and watch their spirit fall.