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Liked the game, but it feels kind of unbalanced. Most of the time I win, because my Oponent ran out of Places to Place the Blocks. I feel like it would be better, if both players can place a block, so you kind of have to predict were the opponent will place it´s block and how the ball moves. Also I am getting no real points, it always moves between 2:0 to 0:2, because every winning streak I have, will be interrupted by my Opponent when he has enough blocks, and then I have a disadvantage, but it will even out shortly, because I lose my points really fast.

So the dominant winning strategy for me was just to place my blocks as space-efficent as I could to survive long enough until my opponent ran out of space.

I feel like a litle bit more mechanics would make the game better, for example upgrades (how much space a block blocks, how big a block is) so you kind of need to plan way ahead. Maybe even adding more than one ball later. Or Blocks that effect the ball differently (making it faster, or giving the ball a random direction). Just adding more content would go a long way on improving this game.

Afterall: great Idea

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Thank you for your Comment. Yeah Sound Effects and Graphic Effects are a thing I would have definetly added, if I would had more time. I also feel like it would improve the game, if it was a little bit easier and Effects would do a great step towards that.

10/10 for the Ending

Nice game, but I feel like adding Checkpoints would be a good Idea.

Nice Game, Nice Idea, but a litle bit to fast. I feel like 3sec simply is not enough to understand what you have to do on your first try. But ExtraPoints for the Idea.