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If you press "F" in the examination mode (or click the icon with the magnifying glass and the door), the game will point the camera at one of the exits from the area. If you press it again, it will move to the next exit.

You can also move the camera by holding Ctrl or mouse wheel and either moving the mouse, or pressing the movement keys.

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I am not actively opposed to this idea, but currently my priorities are elsewhere (I want to complete the core game first). I might return to it after the game is fully complete.

Thank you for such a detailed feedback. And for catching that bug especially.

It's complicated. I see the issue, but I don't like the suggestion. I will have to think.

Yes, of course. The save files, settings, etc are all shared between versions.

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If you're playing on Windows, the save file should be in Users/.../AppData/Roaming/Alchemist/saves

There will be two files of the same name, called something like and 12323.metadata. You'll need both.

Unfortunately, it will not be compatible with the next version due to major changes. For smaller patches, saves are generally compatible.

It's a known issue that happens on some hardware. Go to Options -> System -> Troubleshoot and switch "complex map colouring" off.

It's not currently possible. I will consider adding such an option, but don't expect it too soon, as it's going to take some thought to implement.

There's also another option for diagonal movement aside from rebinding keys: you can point at the target in examination mode and then press the "confirm target" key (default Z, enter, space). Try it, maybe you'll like it more.

It's not a terrible idea, and I might consider something like that in the future. But I mostly want to keep permanent upgrades in the "tools" category.

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Interesting. I looked into it, seems like there is an issue with floats comparison. Thank you for the save file, it helped.

I've added rounding of the items' quantity and tested again with the save that you gave me, and it seemed to have fixed the issue, so expect it to be gone in the next release.

Yes, it would. Please do.

>is that you seem to have a rounding error in your code

There is some weird display issue that causes things like 1.01 to display when there shouldn't be. As far as I know, actual calculations are not affected, but I should probably get to fixing that either way.

>It seems as tho remapping the shift key doesn't work as intended.

Thank you, there was a bug with this command. I'll fix it by next release.

>Being able to pin a recipe

Planned for a while, but will probably not do it right now.

>an accessibility option to enable reloading

There will be an option for extra lives.

Thank you for writing this. Actually, the fact that someone got so impressed by the game as to write such a post is the highest praise I could hope to have.

>The alchemy system

To be clear, it's directly inspired by Prey's recyclers. So if you like my take on the crafting system, you'll probably like theirs.

>The homeward crystal is

It is, of course, intentionally pretty powerful. It's, after all, one of the later researches, and pretty costly to make. But there are plenty of items that allow you to escape danger, sometimes out of way worse situations, like the rift potion or the frozen time potion. Most of the time, if you can survive 20 turns, you can probably reach the exit anyway.

>I’m not sure if you’re planning on giving them more recipes, or just leaving them as something to immediately be converted into essences.

Some might receive additional properties, but in general there will always be simple items with only one use. I am considering adding some kind of autoconvert feature for those later.

>Why can you push stuff around?

Mostly niche tactical uses. Like moving a barrel of gunpowder to cause an explosion where it would be most useful, arranging debris to make a large fire, building an improvised barricade.

There's also something I forgot to mention anywhere in the game (I should), and it's that you can move stunned or crystallized creatures. You can move them out of your way, into hazards, or even push them into chasms, which is an instant kill. Try it, it's fun.

>My problem with them, however, is that semi frequently they will “chase” me, repeatedly moving towards my character.

The aforementioned update is probably going to help here. As they will be less likely to move towards you in general, they will be even less likely to do so repeatedly.

>change it so that you treat bats like passive animals while the character is holding a light source?

Good idea, I'll arrange that.

>I would like to see more uses for ecclesiastical knowledge

Not promising anything right away, but I am planning to expand the research tree in general, so there probably will be.

I will be adding that. There will be an option for additional lives.

>Perhaps the devil saves you from an intro fight before you make your pact?

Indeed, there will be a new intro in the next release.

>I hope this isn’t a one time tutorial thing and is actually introducing me to a mechanic that is used throughout the game.

You are correct.

>It wasn’t clear to me how to cure the poison?

Antidote is an unlockable recipe. But in general, the best tactic is not to get poisoned, or at least not let it stack too high.

Vipers aren't actively aggressive, but I know a lot of people have issues with them.

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You'll just unlock the recipes for the potions naturally as you keep exploring the areas.

You should probably have some of them unlocked already.

That's just flavour text. So long as you have all the necessary components and the recipe, you just click whatever you want to craft, choose the amount and hold the button to confirm.

Thank you, I'll see what I can do to make it more convenient.

No, you're not the only one. It seems to happen on certain old graphic cards. Go to the "troubleshoot" section in Options - System and switch the "Complex map colouring" option.

It's not related. ToME does not own, which it what you're probably talking about.

It's a known issue that some people had before. Go to the "troubleshoot" section in Options - System and switch the "Complex map colouring" option.

Thank you for your very detailed feedback. I'll take it into account.

>I haven't figured out how to use potion of chaos.

No one had. It's just for fun. But accessing the locked recipes is one way it can be useful.

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I can't give you the exact date, since I don't work full-time on the project and it's currently a very turbulent time for me. A few months, I think.

As for deleting areas from the map, I see how it could be useful in some cases, I'll consider that.

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I am indeed planning to add such an option in the next release.

Save file size only becomes noticeably large after extremely long games (and I mean, longer than you'd need to unlock everything). Even at that point, the only noticeable difference would be time it takes for the game to save or load. File size is a pretty far-fetched concern here.

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Snake problem is something I'm working on. Latest devlog mentions some changes I'll be making to them.

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I understand your problem.
I'll think of a better way to convey the question. Probably rephrase it as "What's his name?" or something similar.

I'm afraid not. Even though you can choose the name, you really are playing as an established character in a story. That part will probably become more obvious with the next update, as I will include more story there.

Moreover, there is a problem of effort, as the game already contains a ton of dialogue, and planned to have even more. Writing that to account for many posibilities is going to complicate things a lot, or unnecessarily neuter the writing.

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>Possessed weapons vs rust dust?

There are animated armours that are specifically weak to this potion.

>*Some* gardening aspect.

That's possible, but not very likely, as I expect the player to go explore anyway.

>An unlockable material stash in your workshop

Probably won't happen, I have certain plans for the story that won't fit with this mechanic. But I do plan the "lives" mechanic instead.


In all likelyhood, there will be one golem, since I, too, don't enjoy large parties very much. But I haven't yet decided on the details.

For now, the main use for something dead is in antidote recipe, but it is, in fact, overabundant. The economy will definitely be changing as I add new recipes.

I am planning to add optional extra lives in the next update.

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By the way, if there were some specific things that gave you trouble, feel free to tell.

I am interested in how people perceive the game's difficulty.

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I will probably not do exactly that, but I am planning to give the player multiple "lives" instead (Devil saving you and transporting you to the lonely tree), which is likely to help this issue.

Okay, this is hilarious.

What is your OS and what did you do?

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I think I should mention here for anyone curious that I've figured out the way to circumvent the issue mentioned below (with help from B R U H moment), and the next release will have a troubleshooting option for that case.

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Sadly, I haven't found anything conclusive. Seems that it really is a hardware compatibility issue. I will add some troubleshooting options to the next release that would allow disabling individual graphical features, and, hopefully, disabling coloring shader for the map will solve the issue.

Also (irrelevant for the issue itself but might be useful) can't help but notice that you seem to be using Windows display scaling. You might want to disable it for the game (in compatibility settings), and readjust the tile size in options (64 is the original size), this way they will look less blurry.

By the way, I just had a thought. If you're willing to experiment some more, would you mind contacting me via email?

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That's so, so weird. Thank you for explaining. Seems like some kind of engine problem that I'm not aware of. I'll keep looking into it and let you know if I find the solution.

Oh, if you don't mind, please tell me your GPU model, that might give me some clues.

And, I know it sounds like a very generic answer, but are your hardware drivers up to date?

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That's very unusual. Thank you very much for this description, I will try to reproduce and fix that.

By the way, it would be very helpful if you gave me a screenshot of what it looks like during the issue. Ideally, if you could record the whole process, that would be super useful.

I'm also interested to know what happens if you close the map (esc or X)

Also, does this only happen with the horse, or when you enter the map by road (from areas that are away from the town) too?

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It's not that bad, and it would probably take something much worse for the game to actually lag enough that it would freeze for even a minute at this point. It's not that demanding, normally it doesn't take enough time to even notice. Are you saying that it happens even if you start the new game? If so, then I really can only assume some kind of hardware incompatibility, but that is strange.

If you don't mind, could you give me your GPU model? Maybe I'll be able to find something out.

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I haven't encountered this bug before. If you could give some information on what happened beforehand, it could be useful. Does it happen every time?

It's also possible that you should wait a little. The game should be rendering the map when you first load it, so if your system is low-end, it might take some time.