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It's not that bad, and it would probably take something much worse for the game to actually lag enough that it would freeze for even a minute at this point. It's not that demanding, normally it doesn't take enough time to even notice. Are you saying that it happens even if you start the new game? If so, then I really can only assume some kind of hardware incompatibility, but that is strange.

If you don't mind, could you give me your GPU model? Maybe I'll be able to find something out.

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I haven't encountered this bug before. If you could give some information on what happened beforehand, it could be useful. Does it happen every time?

It's also possible that you should wait a little. The game should be rendering the map when you first load it, so if your system is low-end, it might take some time.

Stencil is the answer to your question.

I was planning to release certain pieces of UI as a standalone package, since it's been requested so much. But that isn't going to happen soon, as in their current state they are meant for a pretty narrow set of use cases.

Alt is an alternative key for loot highlight as many games use this. So alt-tab causes it to switch as well.

The version of love you're using is incompatible with the project. 0.9 is way too old.

There are probably illusory walls somewhere in the room. Try equipping a torch and walking near them.

You can destroy walls with fireball/shockwave potions and it can make your way easier but this shouldn't ever be necessary to reach the end of the dungeon.

We are planning to add keys remapping later on in development, thanks for confirming that it's needed. Also it might be more convenient for you to scroll through actions with mouse wheel, if you're using a mouse, or through 'A' menu.

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I've found the bug, and thanks to it being an easy fix, released the patched version.

Thank you again for your report, I wouldn't have found this one otherwise.

Thank you. I will look into this one.

Damn. I'm so sorry, this is entirely unrelated and entirely my fault for giving you version that wasn't fully tested. Here, I've updated the file with the fix.

Also, shaders definitely look weird on your system, judging by the look of lights. I have no idea what causes that as it seems to be able to support all the required features. But I will look further into the issue.

It seems to me that something about the shader doesn't agree with your hardware. I'm still puzzled as to what exactly and I'll try to find out. For now, I added a check to prevent the crash. When you have the time, please see if the version here works, and if it does, I'd like to see a couple of screenshots to verify that shader actually stops working.

That's really unusual. Seems like there shouldn't be any reason for this to happen.
Would you mind sharing some info about your device? I'm especially interested in what kind of GPU you have as this seems like an OpenGL problem.

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Thank you, I'll look into that. By the way, does this happen every time or only once?

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Thanks. The game economy is likely to change but it's already moving in the direction of more condensed item sources.

I would like to compliment this game for many reasons.

Among them: I love how you reimagined classic landmarks of Doom levels, and enjoyed suddenly recognising a familiar sight.

I also really liked the level design, especially how you hide secrets.

>Making the s/highlight function a toggleable mode that you don't have to re-enable every time you want to look at things

There already is an option for this in game. Aside from that, I will consider those suggestions. As for easy sources of fuel, you could try burning the forest for charocoal or fell the trees with shockwave.

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It makes sense but that would probably make the snakes way too easy to avoid. Which is already a pretty trivial task. Consider this case as though the snake was trying to intimidate the intruder and when that failed, attacked.

I will be adding a lot of new things as time goes on (which will quite possibly include what you mentioned) but for now my targets are mostly about setting up the core gameplay loop.