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Interesting concept, though functionality seems a bit sticky re: the lever to drop the body. Clicking it on the same position doesn't immediately do anything, and I have to click a few times just to get it to function once (either to open or close, as in, I click twice to close the bridge when it's open). If this is from needing to inhibit input during the animation, I'd suggest doing away with the need for a second click and having the bridge replace itself automatically.

Trying the windows version, getting failure to load mono? A shame because this looks neat and I'd love to play.

Haven't finished, but do wanna point out that the first level is very finicky, and difficult to press the buttons. The next level actually has a prompt, which seems.... strange to say the least, given the lack of prompt in the first level. Atmosphere is cool, though, and if it weren't for the finicky first level, I probably would've kept playing.

You know what, short and simple, exactly what it advertises. The scare's pretty neat, and I liked the hints of a larger story. Well done, you two!

I adore the concept and the art style, but it does feel a bit purposeless, like others have said. Congrats on making a very nicely polished game! I'm definitely intrigued, and I would love to see more with this sort of style, though maybe with a bit more story or goals put in.

This is a fun little puzzle! I appreciate how simple and effective it is. There are a few bugs here and there (events not firing properly, I assume), but it's a game jam game, and a good one at that! Props to you, creator!

This is so cute! Haven't figured out how to not destroy the world yet, but getting the cat high as a kite is just as good. Great job!

Just played! Had an interesting time, though it seems very easy to miss a bunch of the content - I managed to hit the final cutscene without seeing any runes, at least not that I could notice. I did enjoy it, though. The stylistic choices were great!

Hey, this was a fun little game. I love how fluid and expressive the animations are. The way the arms move fascinated me, and everything really flowed together. Great job!

This is really cute! Not much to do, but it's a nice little walk around.