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Speedy Znex

A member registered Jun 16, 2020

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been getting friends of mine into the game and were all quite enjoying it  but are finding a lack of challenge and a need for more.

we've been looking for a small while to try and find a mod or something to fix this but to no luck.

id say im willing to start from scratch my self to add/fix  it into the game but id have no where to start but very much do want to try.

thanks for the reply,  mods are working now and sorry about all  the confusion. 

 im surprised that the mod folder wasnt apart of the download at the start but am happy with the result all the same.

i wouldnt suppose there would be a more indepth walk-though for this would there be?

the only thing i can find is skyrogue_data, do i just make folder for it in there like this (SkyRogue_data/Mod/)?   hope im not overlooking anything.

Sky Rogue community · Created a new topic Mods?

just getting into the game and loving it,  noticed theres a mods option but ihave no idea  where to get them to start