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i wouldnt suppose there would be a more indepth walk-though for this would there be?

the only thing i can find is skyrogue_data, do i just make folder for it in there like this (SkyRogue_data/Mod/)?   hope im not overlooking anything.


If you make a "Mod/" directory directly inside "Sky Rogue" (so, "SkyRogue_data" is NEXT TO "Mod", and "Mod" is NOT inside it), and then put mod folders inside there (ex: "Sky Rogue/Mod/modpack_name_or_id") it should load when you start the game, you should see it in whatever menu it should appear in (so aeros will be available in the loadout menu, weapons and skins in the individual weapon slots in the loadout menu, etc)

thanks for the reply,  mods are working now and sorry about all  the confusion. 

 im surprised that the mod folder wasnt apart of the download at the start but am happy with the result all the same.