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MY GOD it was just as good as i expected it to be :^)!! i've been following the development of this game on tumblr for a while, and i swear to god i absolutely went NUTS when i saw the demo was finally out!

i had tons of fun with the writing, i really liked that it's light and actually kind of comedic sometimes! not to mention you can tell TONS of care really went into writing these characters. even with this demo their personalities shined through so well! i honest to god was aiming for jaiden for the longest time while watching development--but when i played the game, i somehow fell for ALL of the guys? it's so hard for me to like ALL of the bachelors in a dating sim--but somehow, you guys caught me falling hard for all of them alsdkfsdjk!!! i definitely like all of them so far and tbh it's super tough to narrow them all down into a few--but i REALLY like dario and jeremy so far. as an asian person, too, though--i totally cringed at the part where the protagonist mispronounced jeremy's last name lol ;; but it really did show the little(and later, probably big) difficulties he has in a small-town environment as a foreigner! loved that!!

and the art is TOTALLY stunning!! it's so nice on the eyes and it makes me feel super relaxed. not to mention the colors are so fantastic and i just honestly REALLY like staring at the art! there were even a few times where i'd stop the game to admire the art!!! not gonna lie, i was slightly disappointed we probably can't date the girls, because they're so super cute--BUT i'll live because the boys are just as cute sgsdskd

this game just feels really refreshing, and i really loved the setting you guys took with it! the victorian era is a highly underappreciated era with games like this and i'm SO excited to see how you guys go with this! even with the demo i know i'm going to love and get super attached to these characters!! thank you for working so hard on this game--the care everyone put into this really pays off! i'll be keeping a regular on this!!! :^)

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GOSH this game was sosososo good! The art style is just stunning, the writing just flows so well, I totally enjoyed this all the way through and I'm like SO ANTSY for part two, no joke!! One of my favorite VN's on this site; I honestly can't stop foaming at the mouth over for this. Just curious, though, are there any endings where Joyce doesn't leave? To say I was absolutely torn when they left would be an understatement--I'm VERY sure I'm still recovering. xDD

But anyways, this game is great! Teal's just such a relatable MC, and so many moments of this just really hit straight home for me. I'll definitely be following the development for this!

this was honestly very enjoyable so far!! it was a blast to play through--and can i just say the art was SO pleasing to my eyes?? i don't know, but there's something about the characters designs and backgrounds that made me feel very relaxed and soothed, haha! xD. i'm in love with the characters a lot, and so do a few friends i played this with. they're practically all my favorites, but i'm mostly really into rudolph and blitzen, they're such pumpkins!! i'll definitely be following how this progresses! thank you so so much for the pleasant teaser! <3