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this was honestly very enjoyable so far!! it was a blast to play through--and can i just say the art was SO pleasing to my eyes?? i don't know, but there's something about the characters designs and backgrounds that made me feel very relaxed and soothed, haha! xD. i'm in love with the characters a lot, and so do a few friends i played this with. they're practically all my favorites, but i'm mostly really into rudolph and blitzen, they're such pumpkins!! i'll definitely be following how this progresses! thank you so so much for the pleasant teaser! <3

Thank you so much!! Props to Zino, King-sama, and Sasquatchii for all the wonderful art assets they provided xD Honestly, if it weren't for them and the writing team - Ashe and Jackie - this project would be nothing. We're so glad the characters are being received well, too! That was our main concern, I think, is if we had given each of the characters their own individual personality that works well with the story. Again, thank you for the support and we're glad that you enjoyed it!